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Who is being sprayed?

I was hoping to see this topic here after I found out about it : http://parkslopestoop.com/blog/health/west-nile-pesticide-spraying-in-our-area-tonight

The tonight part was Tuesday and or Wednesday. I don't have a TV and was taken by surprise to find out my neighbors and I'd been breathing insecticide while we slept. Yesterday an odd thing happened. I was walking along PPW quietly minding my own business enjoying the crisp fresh air yesterday when something flew around me and bit me? or stung me on the leg. I have never been stung by a bee before so the pain was surprisingly acute. When I went to the pharmacy to ask what to do, I was told by another shopper that two other people were stung as well. 

Isn't that odd that three people within a few blocks of one another were stung by bees yesterday? Am I daffy? Not only are we being exposed but how discriminate are these West Nile pesticides anyway? Are we contaminating our already depleted bee population and pissing them off to boot? Last night my kitty had trouble breathing and she'd never had that happen before. So, odd again.  Thankfully she seems fine today. 

Just a few odd observations and another link for my fellow Brooklynians to remember to visit if you already haven't: 


  • You were probably stung by a ground wasp, not a bee.Ground wasps (and others of their family) are far more aggressive than bees, especially in the autumn. It has nothing to do with the spraying - which is usually ground fogging, not aerial.
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