The Search — Brooklynian

The Search

edited September 2014 in Gowanus

October 13TH - 31ST

Gowanus Open Studios Reception:

Oct 18th and 19th, from 12-6pm

Trestle Gallery | 168 7th St., 3rd Flr (between 2nd and 3rd Ave)

MaDora Frey
Re McBride
Kara Rooney

Speak with artists MaDora Frey and Re McBride on Saturday and Sunday. 

Trestle Gallery's Development Director Emma Katz will be present on 

Sunday October 19th to answer questions.

The Search features artworks that may leave the viewer with more questions than

answers. The process of seeking a new understanding acts as a connecting thread

for each of the artist’s imagery, whether that be in the form of two or three-dimensions.

In addition to mechanical sculptures, MaDora Frey creates works using liquid graphite and

other fluid materials. These drawings resemble something as familiar as a puddle seen up

close, or as extraterrestrial as the surface of another planet viewed through a telescope.

Re McBride’s paintings, set against a backdrop of eerily stunning natural settings, tell

a tale of individuals either lost or found. Each relays an open-ended story that appears

partially true and partially re-invented through memory. Kara L. Rooney’s sculptural

work could be an altar or a mystical relic from another time and place. Her graphite and

acrylic drawings, utilize the meditative affects of repetitive mark-making as a means of

accessing subconscious thoughts, past events and desires. Together, these works create

an aura of mysteriousness couched within the dreamscape of memory and deep space,

highlighting our fascination with and complex relation to such ephemeral modes of being.

Contact: Mary Negro, Managing Director

Trestle | 168 7th St., Brooklyn NY 11215 | 718 858 9069

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