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iphone app for parents - fantastic

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I just want to let you all know about a new iphone app, geared toward parents, called Kidslink, that some friends have been working on for the past couple of years. They've recently been cited on Red Tricycle as one of 10 awesome apps for parents. I agree, it is awesome, & I'm helping them get it out to the public, so I thought I would share it here.  

It has a lot of very useful features: It has a "vault" that acts as a super-organized virtual filing cabinet - arranged by family member, with categories for almost everything (vaccine records, allergy info, insurance cards, school records, auto records, invoices, receipts and such), so you always have important info available/accessible from your phone. For example, if you need to send a child's vaccine record to a school, or allergy info to a sitter or play date parent, you have it in your vault, you click it, click share, and the app turns it into a PDF and emails it to whoever you choose. I've been using it to store and organize my kids' artwork, by date/school year. Storage space is UNLIMITED.

It also has a social media component that does auto scrapbooking/storyboarding, organized by family member, and pushes to Facebook if you choose. You can opt to post photos, moments, & milestones to add to your family's digital storyboard & keep them totally private, share with a group of close friends, or push to Facebook (and soon to Instagram). The company is currently in the process of finalizing a deal with one of the big photo printing sites (Shutterfly??) so that we will be able to order printed books right out of the app. I love this idea of doing digital storyboarding, and then printing a book of a specific timeline or event, or uploading artwork throughout the school year & then printing a book of "Chloe's 2nd grade artwork", or the like.

The app is entirely free to download and use. Please check it out & play with it. You can then opt to invite anyone in your phone contact list to connect with you (iPhone only at the moment - Android coming soon) through the app. It's much more private than Facebook, in that you can only connect with people that are actually in your phone contact list. No one can search you out just by name (no random people that you weren't friends with way back when, that feel the need to connect with you now 

Here's how you get it: 
Go to the app store on your iphone & search "Kidslink". 
Install the app
Click Join and "redeem" the code 123 (it requires the code)
Sign in

I hope you find useful. 


  • Thanks, Can you also let us know when it is available on android's platform.
  • Appreciate you disclosing your relationship with the developer. Would be interested in hearing any opinions on the app!
  • Given android share of os, no idea why it isn't done from the start.
  • I agree about android. I've said it to them many times. It is coming, but the they said the development is different, so they opted to go iPhone first, then get android developed. I know that it's coming; it will just take a few months. I think it's a great app, though, and I'm using it a lot. I also love that these people are very receptive to feedback.
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