Big garage on St. Marks (between Underhill and Vanderbilt) will become a 5 story condo building — Brooklynian

Big garage on St. Marks (between Underhill and Vanderbilt) will become a 5 story condo building

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Single story, brick. 278 - 292 St. Marks Avenue.

It is a big lot. ....and will become a big building.

The apartments will get lots of light as a result of the school yard across the street.

278 St. Marks
280 St. Marks
282 St. Marks
284 St. Marks
286 St. Marks
288 St. Marks
290 St. Marks
292 St. Marks



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    ^Loyal dog, Dude, in photo showing whole length of building^

    The right side of the building:


    The left side of the building

  • how many apts are we talking?
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    I don't know yet. I believe plans have been (or are about to be) filed with DOB, and it will be "as of right".

    A website with paid staff (Curbed, Real Deal, Brownstoner, etc) will likely get such details soon.

    Brooklynian just has some guy with a dog that has some reliable friends.
  • cool. thanks man!
  • I've walked by that garage several times a day (with loyal dog Lucy), rented ZipCars there - even petitioned them for a parking space at one point.

    And - I swear it - exactly LAST night - I looked at it and thought "Hmmph. I wonder when that place will sell and become a four story apartment building?"

    I may be clairvoyant.
  • As evident in photo #2 above, this garage remains open.    

    I suspect Brooklynian readers are once again in the the situation wherein they know a a place is about to close before its employees do.

    We exist in different spheres.   
  • Preliminary research has indicated that owners of properties around the garage have been approached to see if they are interested in selling their properties, or the development rights (aka "air rights") to their properties.

    Whatever is in the works, is BIG.
  • Not surprised at all…. been expecting this to happen for a while.  But still a little disappointed.  I'm sure they will be a huge tall building likely out of character with the surrounding ones.  
  • Demolition has begun

  • Not surprised at all…. been expecting this to happen for a while.  But still a little disappointed.  I'm sure they will be a huge tall building likely out of character with the surrounding ones.  
    Agree to an extent. That said, I'd prefer what is likely coming (assuming that its not a skyscraper) vs. what is there now, which is also out of balance with many of the homes/buildings on the block at present. . 
  • I would prefer a 94x94 foot skyscraper 1,396 feet high. That'd be pretty good.
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    A quick glance seems to indicate it is an R6B zone:

    R6B does not allow one to build really high:

    So, it would not surprise me if something about as high as the area buildings is created.   ...likely shinier.
  • with this and the recent loss of street parking on the vanderbilt/dean/carlton block due to construction, this area lost maybe about 100 spaces. people with cars are prolly feeling the squeeze a little bit now.
  • with this and the recent loss of street parking on the vanderbilt/dean/carlton block due to construction, this area lost maybe about 100 spaces. people with cars are prolly feeling the squeeze a little bit now.
    Yup. Especially with all those film crews taking up whole blocks at a time.
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    It would not surprise me if the new building included parking spots for its residents.

    So, while the new building replaces a garage, it's residents will likely not have to compete with existing residents for spots.
  • Can't really say I've felt a noticeable difference in how hard it is to find a spot since it closed, but then b/c I drive to work everyday, I'm not looking for a coveted "dont have to move for a couple days" spot.  Plus I wonder how far a radius the former parking lot users lived in, meaning these arent 100 cars in a 2 block radius, but maybe spread over much more.
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    The developers seem to have chosen 278 St Marks as this building's address. Here's the demolition permit:
  • They're at work already. The noise is going to  be awful! Can they really start before 8am??
  • Yup. They can start at 7 AM.

    "Construction Hours
    Construction may occur between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm on
  • My life is going to be hell. Of course, the irony is that we're moving into new construction sometime next year, so other people are being driven crazy by that noise somewhere else.
  • If it makes you feel better, take pictures of the demolition and post them here.

    It should not take them very long to demolish a garage.
  • This woke me up today too :(. Any guess how long this whole process should take? (demolition + construction)
  • For the heck of it, I will predict May 2016 occupancy.

    I kinda hope they build townhouses, like those planned on Underhill
  • I'm moving so it won't be my problem, but I hope they don't go too tall and block light to all the backyards on Underhill
  • It would not surprise me if the new building included parking spots for its residents.

    So, while the new building replaces a garage, it's residents will likely not have to compete with existing residents for spots.
    I hope you're right. But I suspect that more people = more cars. Even if they don't get a spot in the garage, they will likely bring cars with them and park on the street.
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    This just in: It will come with 64 parking spots, 2 per apartment...

    "This sizable garage at 280 St. Marks Avenue in Prospect Heights will meet the wrecking ball to make way for a five-story, 32-unit apartment building. Designed by DXA Studio, the 50,000-square-foot development will have 64 underground parking spots, a gym and 54 bike storage spaces, per new building applications filed last week.

    Demolition applications were filed to knock down the garage in early December. The single-story building dates back to the ’20s and measures roughly 20,000 square feet. The developers are Wild Edge Group and Fifth Square Partners, who closed on the property for an undisclosed amount in November, according to Wild Edge’s website"

    P.S. I wish to thank my sources for getting me this lead back in Sept 2014, two months before the property officially changed hands in Nov 2014.
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    Quite luxurious with large units, 2 parking spots... raising the bar for the neighborhood.
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    It will compete with the Pacific Park building being constructed at Vanderbilt and Dean.

    Update: Rebecca at Brownstoner has been told it will be condos, not rentals
  • The large garage on the site has now been demolished.
  • Nice to see the progress. 
  • Did a little digging on this project since we haven't seen any renders to date, and DXA doesn't show it on their website.

    Looks like the developer also bought 106 Underhill - a 3 story residential building (or at least it's air rights - there was a $928K "easement" transaction back in January; and a landlocked lot in the middle of the block (Block 1152 Lot 163) to gerrymander a rather unusual looking new lot that reaches back behind 280 St Marks and includes 106 Underhill.

    Given that 106 Underhill shows up on their plot as "3 story building to remain", I'd guess it either allows an additional floor or additional bulk beyond the standard zoning.

    Come to think of it, that may be exactly what 317 St Marks did a block east: originally it looked like the big apartment building might have a rear entrance on Bergen, but now there's a separate building planned for the vacant lot that used to be part of the parking lot.

    Anyway, there's also a partial Stop Work on the 280 St Marks project for unsafe conditions and unpaid fines. The building itself looks pretty unremarkable based on the Zoning Diagram - 5 story, 50 ft plus bulkheads. Slight accordion shape on the facade. But based on DXA's other projects, hoping the devil's in the details and it will have some interesting architectural elements...
    Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 1.38.15 PM
    Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 1.56.08 PM
  • BTW, the parking garage went for $15,700,000. Add 103 Underhill at $928,428 (the third, interior lot seems to have been part of that package) and the cost of acquiring the property came in at a cool $16,628,428 - almost exactly $300 per buildable square foot (building will be 55,000 net residential square feet). 

    With neighborhood new-build condos pushing $1,000 per square foot, you only need to guess the construction and carrying costs to know what the developer plans to make on the project. The apartments will average a generous 1,700 sq feet each.

    Last ACRIS tidbits - looks like the owner of 103 Underhill bought the place for $28K back in 1985; so he cleared $900K in the deal (may just be for the easement!). 

    And the parking garage last changed hands in 2004 for $520K; so Marks Avenue Realty saw a 3,000% appreciation in 10 years and cleared a healthy $15,200,000. Kinda makes you want to quit parking cars for a living, right?

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    I doubt the person that owned the garage also parked the cars.

    I wonder how much money the actual parking business made.
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    Thanks for the research, @notsayin

    Got to love all the weirdly shaped diagonal lots in the vicinity of Wash. Ave.

    Kinda makes me wish I had bought a parking garage 10 years ago.

    How many cars do you think were parked there? 500? 500 x $250 = $125,000/month.
    Plenty to pay the mortgage on the $520K and a few employees.
  • Right, even accounting for inflation, the 103 Underhill owner made an $800,000+ profit! If only we had the foresight to by in this area back then. Ugh. 
  • @steveo not even close - that place on a good day (at least in the past 5 years) maybe had a few dozen cars in it - MAYBE 100 tops but they were refusing new monthlies for a while, probably anticipating the sale.

    Rate was around $250 - 300/month depending on size of your vehicle. I bet they cleared less than $40K/month even with daily parkers.

    And yeah, the diagonal lots...

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    @notsayin Yeah maybe my memory is bad; I haven't been in there for probably at least a year.
    But the footprint of the garage was huge and I remember it as pretty filled up with cars -- they even had some car lifts in there to double up on spaces. 500 was admittedly a wild guess, though, and it makes sense that they were scaling down at the end.

    Thanks for the diagonal links!
  • Wait a day, get more detail. Builder posted the required new project signage on the fence Friday...including the world's worst elevation drawing, which (sort-of) confirms the building will have five floors, lots of rectangular windows, and (maybe) a door.closeup of render
    fence sign
  • Doors are essential.
  • I  wonder if the garage on Underhill between Prospect and St. Marks is next.
  • hey all - how loud and annoying are you all thinking the construction will be for folks who live on that block now that demolition is done?
  • The next phase is digging the foundation. It could be noisy. The subsequent phases should be pretty quiet.

    I am going to predict the construction is done in Spring 2017.
  • The noise is bad, but they're sticking to the 7am start time so far.
  • They can usually dig the hole and lay the forms for the concrete in about 2 weeks.

    The concrete pumping phase takes much longer, but is comparitively quiet.
  • Holy moley, the pile driving noise is insane. My whole building is shaking!!!
  • The noise is unbearable!!  It's also making my building shake.  I spoke to the project manager who said this will be going on for 3-4 days!  I made a complaint to 311 for noise and for the building shaking, I encourage all neighbors to do the same.  Not hopeful that much will change, but it at least mademe feel better
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    Sample, for those who don't live on the block:
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    "The five-story apartment building rising between Vanderbilt and Underhill avenues in Prospect Heights is being developed by DNA and is designed by DXA Studio. In addition to 32 apartments (all with private outdoor space), the building will have an underground garage with 34 spaces and 54 bike parking spots."



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    Teaser website now up:

    Will they be able to sell all of the units before construction is finished? open house? No cookies?
  • Talk about a teaser, basically no information at all beyond some (pricey) prices.

    I pass this site every day... It's quite large. Seems very large for only 32 units.

    But my big question is, will 54 bike parking spots be enough? I just counted 75 bicycles in the basement of my 54-unit co-op. Could be close!

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    Units go on sale tomorrow.   Occupancy Dec 2016.

    "One-bedrooms will start at $899,000, two-bedrooms at $1.299 million,
    three-bedrooms at $1.619 million, and four-bedrooms at $2.499 million.
    And, with a display of optimism for the ever-rising Brooklyn market,
    particularly in once-marginal neighborhoods, the developers told
    the Observer that a couple of the units will be over $3 million.
    Currently, the median price for a one-bedroom in the neighborhood is
    around $810,000."
  • Lots more renderings now at (and the rest of that web site)

    Didn't find any floorplans though...
  • @notsayin -

    You are correct, this text does make me want to puke:

    Located in the heart of Prospect Heights, one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant, diverse and historic neighborhoods, 280 St. Marks embraces a way of life that balances a personal point of view and a commitment to community. A vision of green, healthy living extends to interiors that welcome the outdoors in. Each home has been thoughtfully designed with its own private backyard, terrace, or balcony and crafted with materials and finishes sustainably sourced from local artisans and craftsmen. The residences evolve with you, with smart and functional floor plans that elevate everything you do."
  • @notsayin -

    You are correct, this text does make me want to puke:

    I just threw up
  • Yep. 

    I believe Brooklyn has reached Peak Bespoke with this listing. 

    Not sure a single apartment building can contain any more Artisanal Craftsmanship - or ever be more Curated than this one.
  • It is coming along quickly.

  • The common charges and taxes on these units seem to be quite high.
  • Now rising above fence

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    That looks like its the only unit left that's not in contract:

  • Yup. Out of 32 units, they have

    "31 active sales ($1,354 per ft² avg, $2,044,806 avg price)
    30 in contract sales ($1,352 per ft² avg, $2,036,333 avg price)
    1 previous sale ($1,671 per ft² avg, $2,460,000 avg price)"

    ...which makes me believe the days of the sales office on Vanderbilt are numbered.

    A job well done.
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    Sales office now closed.

    About $1300 PSF.

  • Wanting to confirm...In looking at this StreetEasy page, arent the prices listed here still the "list" prices, and not the actual price that they are in contract for? These havent actually closed yet, right?, we dont know what they actually sold for post-negotiations, right? Is there any way to see negotiated "In Contract" prices? And, it appears that their taxes are unabated and monthly cc's are quite high, so wondering if purchase prices for the units was lower to offset the higher monthly carrying costs..? Anyone have any info on that? And, anyone have any idea how far they are from completing the building, getting their CofO, & when actual closings/move-ins will happen?
  • ACRIS will show the closing prices, as the individual units close.

    Individual buyers factor various things into their purchase price. This building being across from PS 9 may trump any concerns they had with tax abatement.

    The C of O is a ways off. I'll guess July.
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    My layman's understanding is that abatements are more or less reserved for rentals with at least some rent-regulated units at this point.  Even before 421a expired the backlash over some of the 57th street developments led the city to stop abating taxes on condo developments.  And lets be real, if you can afford a two million dollar apartment (or a three million dollar brownstone for that matter), you can afford to pay taxes on it.
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    Confirmed:   Condos have all been sold for around $1400 PSF.
    This article predicted they will be done with construction in May.  

    ...if they get their C of O in a timely manner, we could be looking at a June occupancy.

  • Slowest construction project I've seen in a long time. Working 7 days a week but progress seems negligible. Maybe they are handcarving those sustainably sourced tub surrounds from local artisans and craftsmen. No way they occupy in June. Maybe June 2018.

  • Does anyone have a clue what is going on here? Construction seems to have stalled, just a few workers on site at a time. You'd think they would be in full court press to get the project done and occupied. Mysterious...
  • There are some violations regarding the elevator, but no stop work order is in place. They will likely need to clear up the violations before they can rent the units.
  • These are condos, right? Any closings yet or is construction still ongoing?
  • These are condos and were reportedly all sold before the building was even close to being completed. The building rec'd its CO in late Dec, so we should see move in shortly.
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