Ped struck at Nostrand and EP, 8 PM Oct 5th. — Brooklynian

Ped struck at Nostrand and EP, 8 PM Oct 5th.

You get to take your pick between two accounts of a ped struck on EP:

Version 1 of the story contains lots of photos, and some judaism :

Version 2 of the story contains no photos, and lots of christianity:

...both contain some common elements.


  • ...Amen!  

    Not that it makes much of a difference, I think this happened Sunday night and not last/Monday night.
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    I do miss the poster that used to make Venn Diagrams for us of such stories.
  • If the shifting population keeps going as it is, there won't be many that the pastors came to reach left in the area, or they'll be priced out of property for a church. There's another up in the area with Southern Baptists, Mosaic Church, doing a similar thing.
  • Although I am not religious, I believe that no matter how much the area changes, people will always need saving.

    ...perhaps the Jewish ambulance corps will grow as storefront churches disappear.

  • I was thinking more along the lines of demographics and those who would be receptive to more traditional type of faith outreach.
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    I see lottery sales in much the same light as storefront churches: Disproportately, poor people put their faith in them to change their circumstances.

    In times like this one, everyone seems to have similar beliefs: Calling the ambulance is the way to go.
  • The EP is a kind of boundary in the neighborhood and yet more and more I see it is where people often jaywalk as easily as if they were crossing a pasture in prospect park. 
  • Has the city considered putting up a permanent gate so people don't jaywalk?  I would say that Eastern Parkway between Kingston and New York needs it most.
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    @southeast I believe the Belfast authorities did this between the Falls and Shankhill roads and it works swimmingly.
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    @yuppie_scum - Umm... okay?!... and the Great Wall of China... Relevance?!...  'Jaywalking' my friend; jaywalking is what we are trying to prevent; saving lives is what we are trying to to...
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    Should we factor in that more than a 1/3 of pedestrians killed in 2011 were intoxicated when they were hit?

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    Precisely; a nice iron gate along the parkway will protect the drunks as well.
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    Something like this... but leaving the corners open and the middle of the block closed.

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  • That could work. So far the city seems to be using such barriers in areas where crowds burst out of the sidewalk and impede traffic flow.

    Barriers were put on the blocks around Rockefeller Center because the areas are so packed during the Christmas season.

    ....which is a slightly more complex motivation than saving lives.
  • As someone who has been chased through neighborhoods by people wishing to do me harm, I think that putting up a fence that cuts off escape routes and drives people from a dark tree covered area (the median) to an even darker tree covered area (the service road sidewalk) if someone is attempting to rob or rape them is a stupendously dumb idea. I'm already super alert when walking there late night because I know that its pretty easy for someone with a gun or knife to force a person into a dark area and rob them. I'd probably avoid the parkway at night if it was a giant cattle chute.
  • Perhaps we should just let drivers run over anyone they feel like? We could turn it into a reality TV show in the spirit of Death Race 2000  

    Seriously the truth is people are going to do dumb stuff. If as a driver you can't react to it you don't need to be driving. That being said jaywalking on Eastern Parkway should be considered a form of natural selection. 

    My god that second article. I thought I left people like that back in the bible belt. 
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    God forbid we do what it takes to just slow the traffic to 25 mph, since even "jaywalkers" rarely get hit at such speeds. Nah... drivers gots places to be. Put up the fences.

    Evangelizing aside, I like that the pastor's walk home required him to have to keep stopping to pray for people trashed by car drivers.

    Guns and cars. By far the two most destructive menaces to this city in 2014.
  • Ok; wow!  The topic always gets back to how bad cars and their drivers are.  Seriously!  

    Jaywalking is a problem on those blocks.  And I would not bet that at 25mph, no one will get hit.  25mph will not save the world and people from their own stupidity.  25mph is a separate topic.  I do not want to accept what @newguy88 says, that it "should be considered a form of natural selection."

    I think drivers should be careful and obey the law and that people should not put themselves in harms way.  The same way we "help" drivers to be safe by giving them an incentive to do so (i.e., not getting ticketed or going to jail), we can "help" pedestrians by making it an inconvenience to put themselves in harms way.  In my eyes, simple.
  • @newguy88

    As you get older, you may realize that you can't outrun those who want to save you.  

    As described above, some will try to save you by slowing down cars, others will put up fences, and many will try to give you the bible.

    The guy who wrote the above post is by no means alone.   Check out this family which also establishes churches in Crown Heights:   

    While all of these folks may have the best intentions, the "optics" are bad to the degree that I'm with @homeowner :   Most people are not going to give up much to save others.  And we may be opposed for reasons that some people don't readily understand.  

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     And I would not bet that at 25mph, no one will get hit.  25mph will not save the world and people from their own stupidity. 
    Not only does the collision rate drop dramatically with speed decreases from 40 to 20-25, the fatality rate in the case of collisions almost entirely disappears.  From 40 to 20, the fatality rate drops from 85% to 5%.

    This is why cities around the world (e.g. Paris, London) are aggressively trying to slow traffic via speed limit decreases, cameras, street redesigns, etc.  

    You want to blame jaywalkers.  OK.  Why don't you also blame car drivers who speed (which is basically every single one on some stretch of Eastern Parkway, one of the most dangerous streets in NYC)?  Virtually all of these drivers are breaking the law, going over the 25 mph speed limit on Eastern Parkway.  "Their own stupidity" and all that...
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    Until such speed limits and redesigns are put in place and enforced, you have to admit that jaywalking on Eastern Parkway at night comes with substansial risks.

    We live in the present day NYC ...not in future NYC.

    ...not in present day Paris or London.
  • While everyone here is arguing over speeding and crappy drivers (of which there are many) let's not forget that the driver of this car was not driving on the sidewalk, the pedestrian was crossing where they shouldn't have been when it was already dark reducing said driver's field of vision. I doubt the vehicle's speed played a major part in this unfortunate incident. And using Mike Dunlap's stats apparently the driver wasn't going that fast because the pedestrian lived.
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    @mikedunlap - You are talking like you and I disagree on everything...  Read what I wrote.  I don't think this little rant is called for; not here at least.

    It seems that you agree that with 25mph, we will not eliminate all accidents.  Also, I didn't only blame jaywalkers?  In fact, I didn't blame anyone.  I simply stated that we can help them by making jaywalking an inconvenience.  We both agree that drivers should be careful and obey the law and that the law should be enforced.  

    Please go back and read my whole post in context.

    And again: "Ok; wow!  The topic always gets back to how bad cars and their drivers are.  Seriously!"  Let's try to have a tangent conversation here.
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    @mikedunlap, while you may want to ascribe 100% blame to drivers, the law allows for concepts like contributory negligence and assumption of risk to mitigate the blame that is placed on drivers (and therefore their insurance companies). Someone who is standing in the middle of the street against the light and drunk or high will not be viewed the same in the eyes of the law as someone who is crossing in the crosswalk with the light, and in complete control of their own facilities. The law doesn't believe that competent people of majority should be babied.
  • @southeast my bad, I thought this discussion was going to take less of a vision zero turn and more of a conflicting communities in Crown Heights turn.
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    Thank God that the pedestrian is still alive and that this accident didn't escalate into something ugly. We've come a long way as a neighborhood since 1991.
  • For both the sake of the ped and the driver, I do hope the ped recovers.

    Killing someone in an accident -whether you are at fault or not- would really suck.
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