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Crown Heights (Residential Property) Downzoning

Has anyone heard anything about downzoning; a timeline or that developers are rushing to get plans approved quickly prior to possible downzoning?  

I recently heard (secondhand, but reliable sources) from two developers that they are rushing to approve plans for their properties before downzoning occurs.  One mentioned 2015, and both mentioned this in context of properties currently zoned R7-1.

I heard downzoning being mentioned last around the time CB9 met to discuss CH upzoning of portions currently zoned R-2/4 (  It was mentioned that they will consider raising some while lowering others to even things out.  As you can see on the zoning map, the zoning is pretty erratic, particularly between Empire an EP -


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    In CB8's "western Crown Heights" height limits were placed on the side streets after a recent rezone. 

    Similar tweaks were done as part of many of the zonings under Bloomberg.
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