Oct 21st: Dating & Marriage Workshop (For Singles & Couples) — Brooklynian

Oct 21st: Dating & Marriage Workshop (For Singles & Couples)

edited October 2014 in Park Slope
The most important day of your relationship with your significant other is the last day.  What will that day look like?  With the wreckage of so many relationships and marriages around the city, couples and singles are asking the questions: "Is it really possible to make a relationship last for life?"  Marriage is not easy, but we are convinced that a lasting marriage IS within reach.

Gather for a fun and thought-provoking evening of (1) food and drinks, (2) new friends, (3) honest discussion, (4) a transparent lecture by a couple who is surviving the struggles of marriage and succeeding.

We will be covering many of the following topics, including:

  • Personality Types & Their Radical Effects on Marital Interaction
  • Cultural Upbringing & Its Effect on Relational Expectations
  • Developing Healthy Communication Strategies
  • Conflict Management in Marriage
  • Forgiveness & Its Contribution to Relational Longevity
  • Love vs. Emotion vs. Lust
  • Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Concept of Unconditional Love
  • The Common Approach vs. the Wise Approach
  • And More…

Leave this event feeling equipped to weather the storms and create a healthy home environment that makes living life together easier and meaningful.  We warmly invite MARRIAGE, DATING, and SINGLE people to attend.

@ The Tea Lounge (Park Slope)

Note: Avery special thanks to the Tea Lounge of Park Slope for hosting this Brooklyn Ark event. (www.BrooklynArk.com)

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