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Trestle Gallery Presents "Treasure Trove" Opening Reception

edited October 2014 in Gowanus
Curated by Will Hutnick & Polly Shindler

Run of Show: Nov. 5th - Dec. 3rd, 2014

Opening Reception: Wednesday, Nov. 5th, from 6 - 9pm

Featuring: JD Banke, Michelle Fleck, Paul Gagner, Michael Hyder, Isaac Mann, Aliza Morell and Anna Valdez

For our inaugural show at Trestle Projects as the Curators in Residence, we are pleased to announce treasure trove, an exhibition of private spaces, personal archives, and the inner lives of artists.

The artists in treasure trove welcome us into their intimate spaces filled with remnants and memorabilia. Each work is a specific, undisclosed moment where we seem to be the sole voyeur. Whether real or imagined, past or present, each "room" is a curiosity with its own invented relics; we begin to imagine how the artist might live, how they might work. We are given an invitation to investigate their documentation, their innermost chambers, sacred objects and environments; in turn, each work becomes a by-proxy self-portrait.

For more information please contact:

Trestle Projects: 400 Third Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 - Fri & Sat, 12-4, or by appt


Michelle Fleck, "Grid," 2013, acrylic and spray paint on panel, 30 x 24"
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