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Black and white cat found - 10th between 3rd and 4th

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My friend said a black and white cat appeared at her garden door yesterday around 9pm.  She went away for a while and back again.  Anyone missing a cat in that area?  Please let me know.  Not sure if I attached pic. 


  • am trying to attach pic...
  • If the blue icon on the top left of the comment box doesn't like the pic, it may be because the file is too large.   Or , see your PM for my email.    Send it to me and I'll get it up.   
  • I've seen lost cat flyers in that area for a black and white cat! I'm almost sure they were posted on the street poles by 3rd Avenue at 10th St, near the restaurant Table 87. Unfortunately I don't live in the that area so I can't check right now.
  • Thanks Mamacita.  I have emailed my friend who has the cat. 
    Whynot - I sent you the pic.
    Thank you so much!
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    aforementioned cat:

  • My friend check the poster that Mamacita said was near restaurant Table 87 - 10th and 3rd Ave..
    Not the same cat unfortunately. Here is here reply:
    I found the poster of the missing cat rico and called (missing since the end of August)…but not the same kitty!
    Thanks whynot for posting pic.  My friend says her fur is very clean and she is friendly - must be someone's cat missing since yesterday or day before. 
  • @hurricanekate

    You friend has now had this cat since Nov 2014. I believe it is safe to say that this is now her cat.
  • the cat found its owner a while back b/c of micro chip!
  • excellent news.
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