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Plastic bag recycling

Is there anywhere more convenient to recycle plastic bags than the Duane Reade on Flatbush?


  • I usually recycle my plastic bags at Target — they have a huge bin just inside the street level entrance across from the Barclays Center. I actually find it more convenient to go there than Duane Reade, since it's right at the subway station.

    The Rite Aid near St. Johns and Kingston also has a bin, but that can be a bit of a hike depending on where in the neighborhood you're located.
  • Compare Foods on St. Marks b/w Franklin and Classon.
  • The Rite Aid at 1679 Bedford Avenue (near Montgomery Street) has a bin for recycling plastic bags outside its entrance. 
  • The Associated on Franklin between Carroll and Crown have a bin by the exit.
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    Where's the bin in the Compare?
  • There's also a bin at the Foodtown in Restoration Plaza. Though it's not in CH, it may be more convenient to some. 
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