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Razor wire at face level

Every time I walk past the sidewalk-parkingest auto shop in Brooklyn, at the triangle where Grand and Washington meet, I'm very worried I will slip and slice my face off on the face-level razor wire. Especially in the recent icy weather. Surely that can't be legal. Who can I complain to?


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    Street view for those who have no idea what ehgee is talking about:

    656 Grand Avenue
    Crown Heights
  • the owner?
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    That makes sense to me.

    I am pretty sure the owner's name is Ernest Cange.   

  • the owner?
    The owner doesn't seem to be very community-minded, judging by his seizure of public property for derelict auto storage, but I suppose giving him notice would be reasonable.
  • In my experience business owners who allow liabilities like this to occur aren't all that concerned with correcting them. @ehgee I'd take photos of the wire and then contact 311. I'd also contact the CB if you feel its a large danger.
  • Conveniently, the only part of the sidewalk this business clears is the foot and a half or so that's immediately adjacent to the razor wire.
  • Definitely call 311 and contact the CB. 
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    For those unaware, back in 2010, plans were filed for a structure featuring 22 residential units, with commercial on the first floor.

    For reasons unknown to me, those plans were never carried out.   The DOB has since closed the application.

    I can only explain the continued existence of this lot by the fact that it is probably appreciating at 15% a year.   If his plans are to sell it and retire, he is best off retiring as many years from now as possible, and putting as little $ in the business as possible.

    212-966-5542 was listed as his number back in 2010.


    Screen shot 2015-02-18 at 9.03.34 PM
  • The sidewalk parkers aren't associated with the auto shop; those are all cops.
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    When this lot is built on, it should be interesting to see where the cops park.

    These views show that the police presently use the sidewalk to park about 20 cars:



    I suspect they will just park in a similar manner (half on the sidewalk and half in the street) on the East side of Grand, between Park Place and Prospect.

    This occurs near NYPD buildings throughout the city.
  • Which is total bullshit, taking up sidewalks like that, forcing people to walk into the street, but whatever makes their lives easier, right???
  • The sidewalk parkers aren't associated with the auto shop; those are all cops.
    Wrong. Half that block are cars belonging to the repair shop.
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