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Cats in need of homes immediately

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I have been taking care of cats my whole life and now i find myself in a very bad situation.. I currently have 10 cats. I recently lost my job in September of 2014 and havent worked til today and now my landlord in evicting me and im so worried about the cats i have , most which were rescues from 2010,2011, and 2012.. I need help asap and i dont these poor babies to be put down .. I have called almost every shelter in N.Y. and nobody can help me.. Im so worried that there gonna be put down because nobody wants older cats .. Im at the end of my rope and im gonna be living on the street soon but i dont even care about that.. Im more worried about these babies (cats) that i have grown so close to.. If someone or anyone can help me , please i beg you to .. I know if i get evicted , then for sure they will get put down and thse babies (cats) dont deserve that ! Please i beg someone out there who is an animal lover like me , who is in a better position then me to help .. God bless you if you can.. Time is running out.. Please message , email or call me personally .. My phone number is 516-537-7865.. I dont even how much longer ill have that number but the sooner the better to call me.. All these cats are friendly , in good health , are over a year or more old , trained to go in litter box , Love dogs and other cats and are so loveable.. Please if anyone can help me , i would appreciate it to the fullest of my heart , this is killing me to do this but atleast maybe each cat can find one person who can take them in and show them love.. I pray every day that these babies dont end up in the wrong hands.. If someone can help in anyway , please dont hesitate.. These babies deserve a home where they can be loved , not be put in cage to wait to be put down.. Thankyou all for your time.. Sincerely Salvatore (Catman) Zito.


  • Catman, can you try reaching out to North Brooklyn Cats? They have a network and might be able to help. We have a couple rescues ourselves and can't take on any more into our home, but there might be others that can assist.

    Also, try Craigslist.

    Good luck, and I hope you and your little ones are safe.
  • Maybe these resources can help you, good luck.

    "The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals created the Helping Pets and People in Crisis program in response to the many requests we receive from people facing heartbreaking separation from their pets during times of crisis. The program attempts to provide assistance to individuals and families fleeing domestic violence; seniors requiring medical care outside of their home; and families facing eviction or other temporary setbacks."

    See more at:
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