Wonder what goes on inside the Nigerian American Muslim Community Center on Dean near Washington? — Brooklynian

Wonder what goes on inside the Nigerian American Muslim Community Center on Dean near Washington?

Here's a photo of the building (801 Dean) from Brownstoner:

Here's a just published article about the members of the Nigerian American Muslim Community Center, who own and use the building:

It is worth reading.

Here's an older article that talks about how the building was used back when it was an armory:

History buffs might like it.


  • Great article. The Nigerians really brought that building back to life over the years, so much respect to them. And, as the article mentioned, they are really generous with use of their building and community support in general. It's too bad that some of their sponsors pulled out following the Boko Haram scare, though.
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    I am kind of interested in who their donors are.

    Because some pulled out after the Boko Haram scare, I assume that many of the sponsors are from outside of their community, and have motivations similar to those that donate to immigrant associations and settlement houses.


    In this instance, they seem to have found donors willing to fund a religious organization that creates a cultural base or refuge.


    Throughout history, such donors and oganizations have had to walk a very fine line. As a result of attempting to preserve a culture/religion, they become its face.
  • Back in the 80's almost got seriously injured in that building. Was a kid doing demo as a summer job. The was a running track maybe 20 feet up going around the perimeter. Was on it knocking plaster off the wall and it collapsed. I grabbed something on the wall and hung on till the mess settled and dropped down.
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    If you'd like, you can see how much better shape the place is in on July 6th.

    You'd need to RSVP.

  • Thanks for this notice. While I think this side of Dean is Sen. Montgomery's district (maybe that's why I hadn't heard of it as I live in her district?), I'm glad someone is doing this! Note, the mosque has meals here every night during Ramadan (you see the double parking regularly in the evenings). I'll definitely rsvp tomorrow.
  • They seem friendly and isnt there a nearby mosque that has signage outside that feels very supportive of all religions (mentions brothers moses, mohammad, jesus, etc).  I'd like to think its truly a loving progressive group, and doesn't espouse hate/antisemitism behind closed doors.
  • I know the other mosque you are thinking of, it is much closer to Franklin.

    From casual observances, that one appears to be more popular with worshipers from the Middle East, whereas this one has a decidely Nigerian membership base.
  • Yeah, if that's the mosque on Franklin and Madison, they were originally part of the same group that has the Dean Street mosque (I don't know who prays there now as a general matter, though). Prior to moving to the Dean Street and Franklin Ave locations, the Nigerian Muslim community at these locations now held Friday dickering services at the mosque on Madison and Bedford (largely African American Muslim population . . . this mosque used to be a Nation of Islam temple established by Malcolm X as Muhammad Mosque 7C, but it turned to orthodox Islam decades ago) on Fridays nights. This went on for a few years before they found buildings of their own. 
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    I believe @goldemi1 and I were thinking of the one at 769 Bergen, near Grand.


    Together with the one on Nostrand and Park, there are at least 4 different mosques (Islamic Centers) around. From casual observations, each group seems pretty distinct.

  • Oh, the Bangladeshi mosque! They used to be located on Washington between Bergen and St. Marks in one of the storefronts. I've always had pleasant encounters with that community. 

    I did not know about the one on Nostrand and Park. Will definitely have to check out. 
  • Whynot, yeah thats the one I'm thinking of. 
    Nation of Islam?  Good riddance to bad rubbish.
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    The imam from the one at Nostrand and Park talked to us on the 2014 Brooklynian Walking Tour. He stated the membership was pretty varied, but that many of the owners and employees of local Yemeni Delis attended.

  • To their credit, the mosque on Madison left the Nation of Islam and went orthodox decades ago! 
  • The Iftar was great last night, and I'm so glad so many neighbors showed up. 

  • In conjunction with local politicians, the space now seems to be hosting some kind of computer event for high school students.

  • Does the mosque on Bergen (btw Washington/Grand) ever do this kind of open-community thing? I had a lot of free time on Eid al-Fitr this year so I was curious, but didn't want to just wander in.
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    I'm not sure it that one does open houses.

     You could have attended the one on Dean, it was an open house. 

     They engage with politicians and the public, perhaps in response (prevention?) to external threats.
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    Oh yeah, but I only saw this flier posted just yesterday in this thread, I wasn't checking out options at the right time for Eid. Haven't been on Brooklynian in a while!
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