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2 more houses will get replaced with buildings — Brooklynian

2 more houses will get replaced with buildings

It seems like they're certainly adding a lot of inventory into Flatbush as a whole. I'm a little bummed that for most of these projects the first floors won't be commercial space. Is doing that more complicated?


  • Some areas can only have residential space as per their zoning.

  • I'd hate to be in the house next door to 136. But you know it won't be long before that's gone too.
  • @pragmaticguy I wouldn't be surprised if the buyer was also looking to pick up 134/132 lot next to 136. It appears to be about twice the size of 136 and is only being used as a run down commercial parking lot. 
  • what a bummer! mostly because, considering the immense history of this part of flatbush (the original village of flatbush) nowadays it's all run down houses and fedders buildings, with no kind of commecial space anywhere. the blocks are so small around there and it has the potential for a really cute sort of villagey feel. instead it'll just be low-quality housing (oh, and horrible self-storage warehouses). shame.
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    Here is what 136 Erasmus Street is looking like these day.

    Edit: Sorry folks -- I've been trying to upload a picture of it but for some reason the site won't let me.
  • It may be too large.   Try shrinking it to something smaller than 600k, then uploading it.   
  • Here's 136 Erasmus, folks. Thanks Whynot_31 for the tip!

  • More action for Erasmus st: plans just filed for 156 and 160 Erasmus to be almost completely rebuilt. 
    Ditto 177 and 185 Veronica Place. 
    Same developer for all. All are small wood frame houses, going from 1 or 2 units to 8 or 10. 

  • wow! I feel like i rode my bike past a week ago and it didn't look that finished. 

    i think it's really nice. let's hope the other myriad of buildings planned for erasmus (and snyder!) look more like this.
  • Suppleknuckles, I'm liking it too. I wonder if the sidewalk near them is gonna get fixed up since part of it really is in a state of disrepair. Same goes for development on the other side of the street.
  • Here's 111. IMG_2407
  • DOB usually requires the sidewalks be I. Good repair before granting the C of O.
  • Units for 136 Erasmus are now starting to come online. I'm bad at seeing rents within the context of a given area, but 1,700 for a one bedroom seems in line with other 'higher end' units I've taken notice of. (Would love to hear if you folks have thoughts about that!)
  • They are doing a little building code jujitsu with these floorplans. Each unit either has a bedroom with glass doors and no windows, or a living room/kitchen with no windows, getting light from glass doors and an adjacent room. So the 3 bedroom would elsewhere be called a 2 bedroom, 2 bed is really a 1, etc. But this is legal in NYC new construction nowadays. 
  • This is a pop-up loooong in the making.   Different neighborhood but provides some perspective on rents.

  • Regarding the rental situation, while some might think that the prices are high, or more than they should be the only real way to know is to find the cheapest rent on the market. 

    Very large private development near the newkirk stop, studios go for 1500.  These newer places are closer and significantly better (gyms, new fixtures, big windows), so I'm not really surprised by what they're asking. Truthfully I've seen places in bedstuy ask for more money that aren't nearly as nice as these and I don't think bedstuy is any better than living right near prospect park. New restaurants, shops, and venues will open up in these neighborhoods and it will be just as cool as trendier parts of brooklyn and it will have park access. 
  • Or think about it another way, landlords look for 40x rent right? So a young professional couple a few years out of college looking for a nice place to live shouldn't have a hard time finding (2399*40=95,960) a 100k dollars worth of income, 2 people making 50k a year isn't uncommon.