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Another giant building will be going up! — Brooklynian

Another giant building will be going up!


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    1295 Nostrand Avenue, aka 310 Clarkson


    170-unit building.

    100% market rate
  • This development will be in Flatbush, not East Flatbush though.
  • Dare we attempt to define where East Flatbush begins?

    Utica Ave?
  • Here's what city data uses to define east flatbush...:
  • So, not the eastside of Nostrand, but everything east of the eastside of Nostrand.

    That is tedious.
  • Growing up, I've always heard/considered New York ave as the border. Not really sure the reasoning behind it though.

    As for the building --- whoa. Between this project and Hello Living's, this has been quite the exciting week for Flatbush fans. Or a terrifying one depending on a one's viewpoint, I suppose.
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    I have the bizarre hobby of watching vacant land sell.

    As a result of watching the prices skyrocket over the past few years, this week isn't terrifying. It is merely a chapter in the story; The buildings correlate to how much the land was sold for.

    Each time a property sells, my mind creates the general characteristics of how the building will look and how wealthy those housed will have to be.

    Flatbush is next. I'll watch it happen from Crown Heights. It will be like the movie Groundhog Day.
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    Things like highways, rivers, hills or railroad tracks often prevent neighborhood borders from shifting in response to changing demographics.

    Flatbush really needs them if it is going to pull off an east - west thing, or even maintain its north - south borders.

    To wit, these folks are stating the building will be in PLG:
  • of course they are, because plg is more desirable than east flatbush the same way that williamsburg was more desirable than bushwick. Each neighborhood has it's own panache, until east flatbush is cool developers will ride coattails of cooler nearby neighbs.
  • Well, the original town of flatbush started at the intersection of Flatbush ave and Church ave (then east Broadway), and filled out primarily to the east of flatbush ave, to rogers. Any spread to the north, west, or east of that area (seen in this map from the 1870s: were more spread out farmland and homesteads, including the land of the wealthy Lefferts. So there's NO way anyone could think Flatbush proper is strictly to the west of Flatbush avenue. i suspect that's Victorian Flatbush propoganda, to separate themselves from the poors. if anything they should be called West Flatbush
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    border disputes! *shakes fist*
  • The wiki article linked by @mugofmead111 certainly does not describe Flatbush in realty speak: 
    I went by this definition of the East Flatbush's borders. That feels about right. 
    It will be edited soon.
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    Massive changes coming to Clarkson Avenue:

    "Last year, Hudson Companies filed new building applications for their second large development in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, a 170-unit building at 310 Clarkson Avenue. Now the developer is planning an even larger 250-unit building on the same block at 350 Clarkson Avenue, between Nostrand and New York Avenues.

    Plans filed on Friday call for 250 apartments spread across 200,048 square feet of residential space, for an average unit of 800 square feet. The development will reach eight stories into the air and include a 5,700-square-foot commercial space on the ground floor. Apartments will range from studios to three-bedrooms and have washer/dryers, central heat and air conditioning, and stainless steel appliances, according to Hudson’s page on the project.

    There will also be a parking lot with 150 spaces, which is exactly the amount required by the zoning code. The city’s zoning requires parking for half the new apartments built in this neighborhood, but we can’t imagine many renters will need to drive, with the 2 and 5 trains a block and a half away at Withrop Street.

    CetraRuddy will handle the design. The developer describes the facade as “a rhythm of recessed masonry expressions,” and explains that it “will be broken up with an expanse of copper panels towering over the residential lobby entrance and extending into dormers at the roof set-back.”

    Together, 350 and 310 Clarkson will bring 420 apartments to a low-slung block next to Kings County Hospital. Both buildings will be eight stories, but they’ll probably look quite different. Jonathan Kirschenfeld crafted the look of 310 Clarkson, pictured below, and CetraRuddy’s design sounds more distinctive.

    310 Clarkson Avenue, rendering by Jonathan Kirschenfeld Architects via Hudson Companies (see article)

    Construction has already begun on 310, and is supposed to wrap in early 2017. Meanwhile, work isn’t scheduled to begin on 350 Clarkson until spring 2016. The project’s tentative completion date is in 2018.

    Hudson paid $13.1 million for 318-350 Clarkson in March, after snapping up several other lots nearby for $10 million in September 2014.

    The Union Square-based builder is also behind the controversial 23-story high rise under construction at 626 Flatbush Avenue, which has sparked a heated fight to downzone Prospect Lefferts Gardens."

  • There's 4 projects going up at once on this block, 1 just finished, and 2 more which haven't started yet. This is from Clarkson, looking through to Lenox. To the left is 345 Lenox Road. The yellow building in the middle is 337 Lenox Road, recently completed. Next to that is 333 Lenox Road, senior housing. The big empty lot in the foreground is 350 Clarkson. The big concrete structure on the right is 310 Clarkson, rising fast. There's also 309 lenox Road, which I don't think you can see in this picture. And on the other side of the block, also unseen, is 780 New york Ave, which hasn't begun yet. IMG_2101
  • Actually 337 Lenox, the yellow one, has been finished for a while now. 
  • 310 Clarkson, seemingly complete (i can see finished kitchens, anyway), now has some fancy renderings and branding in the first floor commercial space windows. It's called "The Clark." No listings yet, except for the retail space. Further poking around on the retail space's website claims that 1850 sq ft of the 8000 sq ft commercial space has been claimed by wallgreens. Very UGH news considering there's a Duane Reade on the corner of Clarkson and NY, and a CVS a block up on parkside. Let's hope Hudson is smart enough to potentially court a more high-end grocery store like Wholsome Food Gourmet or whatever. The area sorely needs it! The only options nearby are the abysmal Key Food and a tiny terrible C Town.