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Good dogwalker recommendation in Flatbush/Prospect Lefferts? — Brooklynian

Good dogwalker recommendation in Flatbush/Prospect Lefferts?

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can recommend a good dog walker? I need someone who can do solo walks with my pup as he's not good with other dogs. I'm moving in to a new place this weekend on Ocean Ave just south of Parkside on the Prospect Lefferts-Flatbush border. Any suggestions are most appreciated, thanks!


  • my friend lives on ocean ave across the park and he recommends this guy:

  • welcome to the hood!(?)
  • Thank you!!! I didn't even know about this Rover site, what a great resource.
  • I love the walkers at Housebroken NY (  I've been using them since they first started for a variety of dogs.  Both my current and past rescue dogs did not care for/really hated and feared other dogs.  There were no issues at all with any of the walkers Vivian hires.  Whenever my dog sees one of their walkers on the street he tries to get to them as fast as possible.  They are great with last minute walks and have completely reasonable dog sitting rates too for those times when I want to travel and the beast can't come with.  Feel free to private message me if you have any more specific questions.
  • Thanks so much, this is super helpful!

    It says Astoria but they really do all of Brooklyn (the owner used to live in Astoria but recently moved). They're wonderful!! I know the owner personally and she's awesome.
  • How did it go with Housebroken? For people who prefer to feel confident that the person walking their dog is fully trained and supervised then I would recommend QC Dog Walking Service. I created this company in order to bring a new level of quality and control to the area and ensure that the walker coming into your home is properly vetted, trained, and fully supervised.