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little park on prospect between albany and kingston

Does anyone know why you can't use the kids lot on prospect place between albany and kingston?  its really small and has some toys in it but is locked shut and noone can use it


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    Do you know how long it has been closed?

    The folks at the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center (on Kingston near St Johns) probably know why it is closed.
  • I talked to some folks on that block, and to the super of the child care facility on the corner of Prospect and Albany, about it last fall.  Apparently the land belongs to the child care facility and about 10 years ago or so a bunch of politicians and the Parks Dep't got together to fix it up, but since then it has fallen into disrepair again and not even the kids at the child care can use it because it's too dangerous (that was according to the super from the child care place).  One of the people I talked to was involved with the PTO at PS289 and we were talking about how great it would be for the pre-K and K kids there to be able to come use it.  I meant to reach out to the director of the child care to see if they wanted help reaching out to City Council or other politician types to see if there were funds to get it refurbished again so that kids could play on it, but life intervened and I never got around to it, so maybe I will now.

    It's such a cool looking space, and kids can always use more places to play outside, it's sad that it's not being used.
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    Streetview of little park:

    The fearful part of me worries that a child care that is too broke to maintain its park may sell it.

    The city does not seem to be presently in the market for buying land for new parks.
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