Recreate Your Core Workshop (Sunday, April 12th-1:30-3:30pm-YogaSole) — Brooklynian

Recreate Your Core Workshop (Sunday, April 12th-1:30-3:30pm-YogaSole)

Dear Neighbors,
We have some exciting workshops coming up at our studio. Hope you can come!
254 Windsor Place

Recreate Your Core
An Abdominal Massage & Twisting Workshop
with Ariel Kiley
Sunday, April 12th-1:30-3:30pm

Remodel your core from the inside out! Explore and awaken the many layers of your abdomen with a methodical series of massage, strength and twisting exercises.

At this highly unique 2-hour Yoga Tune Up® style workshop you will venture deep within your guts to remove pockets of pain and tension, then wring yourself out with a progressive series of uddiyana bandha (abdominal vacuum) exercises and deep twists.  Using Yoga Tune Up® techniques including therapy balls and Coregeous® sponge balls for targeted massage and myofascial release you will create a "new normal" of awakened ease in your core. Plan to walk away feeling light, free and trusting of your center.

All levels welcome. Please refrain from eating two hours prior to the workshop.

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