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Electric Anvil Tattoo

A new tattoo shop called Electric Anvil Tattoo has opened in the former Launchpad space at 721 Franklin Avenue. It is run by two artists who used to work at Three Kings in Greenpoint - Josh Egnew & Jeremy Sutton. I know Brooklyn Ink Spot recently moved back to their original location at 717 Franklin, I'm curious if either entity knew of the others plan as it seems odd to have two tattoo shops with only one building separating them when there are no other tattoo shops on the block that I'm aware of.


  • Perhaps that block can become a mecca for those seeking tattoos. isnt the cool pony space available also,  Perhaps we can get bus loads of tourists coming in for the flea, they can get drunk in some of the many bars and get a real cool tat!  Perhaps a package deal!.  I'm giving that idea out to you all for free.

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    @tsarina - No need for buses. Franklin Avenue could become like St Marks in the East Village was in the early 2000's.

    Long after gentrification had surrounded the block, tattoo and bong shops catered to young people in search of their purpose.

    The older, monied classes leered at them on their way to sit down restaurants.

  • Has anyone on this board gotten tattooed at Electric Anvil? Curious to hear what the locals think. Thanks!
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