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Good eats

I saw this article about eating near brooklyn college

What's your favorite spot near the 2/5? I like Faye and King for some west indian food and Napoli pizza for a slice. There's also a really good smoothie spot on Glenwood (x nostrand), I can't remember the name but I went a dozen times last summer.  


  • you mean anywhere along the 2/5? i guess i haven't eaten around the junction too much, but i'd like to explore that area. especially the smoothie spot if you can remember.

    near Church i love Nostrand Donut Pub. such a good diner. and their iced coffee is so refreshing on a summer morning. 
  • That donut pub is great I like to wake up and make the walk there on the weekends in the summer. I enjoy the donuts too.

    The smoothie spot is called Healthy Eatz, it's sandwiched between a pawn shop and a western union. It's all of 5 ft wide, if you weren't looking for it you could walk past it your entire life and never know about it. Which is too bad because it's pretty good.

    I haven't had a chance to get to Footprints cafe, have you ever eaten there?
  • I'm adding Ovi's to the list for their chargrilled chicken.

    I've eaten at one of the other Footprints locations before. They're famous for their rasta pasta (and rightfully so).
  • Lord's Bakery at the junction used to make really good whipped cream filled eclairs. Their other baked goods tasted great too.
  • My mom loves their eclairs. I always go for the cherry-top cookies. There used to be a bakery on the right-hand side of Kingston between Empire and Montgomery that got me hooked on them as a kid.
  • I like Lords apple pie crust turnovers. I made to the Angel flake bakery, the beef patties were really good - I had two of them and a drink for about 5 dollars. I'll be back.

    I saw another place I'm going to try out this weekend, it was called Island Burger (?) it was between glenwood and farragut on nostrand ave. It was full of people, some places are empty, some have people coming and going, but if you're full that's a good sign right?
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