New market on Fulton/Washington? — Brooklynian

New market on Fulton/Washington?

I noticed a supermarket type marquee on Fulton near Washington the other day, but I couldn't tell if it was opening or had already opened and closed, or what. It didn't appear to be open at all yesterday when I rushed past. Any info?


  • This is formerly the site of Tradewise. Tradewise moved from further down (near Franklin and Fulton, Associated took its place) and re-opened at Fulton/Washington. When I went in, they were never fully stocked and just seemed half-assed. They were only open for maybe less than a year. No idea when the new "NYC" market will open
  • Hmm, it would be a nice addition to the neighborhood. I guess I'll keep an eye on it, but if anyone knows anything and can post here, that would be great!
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