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new coffee shop 41st 8th "Parlay"

For those of you lurkers who live or at least visit the Sunset Park area: I passed by a place where they were doing construction on 41st and 8th and talked to the owner. Apparently in a couple of short weeks there will be a cafe, that serves real coffee in northern Sunset Park. It will be a sit in cafe, called "Parlay"
The construction looked kinda swanky, so here is to hoping for good morning coffee.



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    Here's how you can be the one in Sunset Park who knows when new restaurants are about to open: Park

    NA:   Places that for some reason have applied for an initial inspection.     This could mean they are going to be a new place, or simply have a new manager.    

    N:   Once a NA place is inspected, it gets an N.  

    Note, the information is not updated everyday.    But by checking it regularly, you can look like a starving genius!

  • OMG, thanks. I will use this. We have a dearth of restaurants other Asian and Mexican places, esp in North Sunset Park. I am so excited for a decent coffee shop
  • Because DOH can be so slow in giving initial inspections, the smart restaurants apply for a kitchen inspections right when they begin construction.

    This allows one to begin stalking.    
  • The place is open! They open 7 am to 9 pm. I went in for a bite last night. It's a small menu, sort of Malaysian and American comfort food. My friend had a delicious curry chicken, I loved my pulled pork sandwich. Girls next to us ordered wings that looked very yummy...
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