Sometimes I Feel Like I'm The Only One Trying To Gentrify This Neighborhood (The Onion) — Brooklynian


  • This was great for a few uncomfortable chuckles. Its interesting to think how far some neighborhoods have come since when this was published (back in 2006 apparently? I had totally thought it was published more recently).
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    Some sources claim it was first published between 250 and 225 BC, during a period in which Paris was experiencing dramatic changes:

    "Between 250 and 225 BC, during the Iron Age, the Parisii, a sub-tribe of the Celtic Senones, settled on the Île de la Cité and on the banks of the Seine. At the beginning of the 2nd century BC they built an oppidum, a walled fort, either on the Île de la Cité or nearby (no trace of it has ever been found), and they built the first bridges over the Seine.[2]"

    However, these sources have not been confirmed.
  • Haha. Well played, whynot_31.
  • The french are always claiming credit for things they did not create, so I would take my comment with a grain of salt.
  • this is one of the more memorable onion articles that hits the nail on the head in so many perfect ways, haha. i got a lot of laughs from this one when the bf bought his house in E Flatbush
  • Re:"I've tried being proactive. But none of the locals I've talked to about bringing in a co-op health-food grocery store have seemed excited at all. "

    Ha, ha, so true! (Thinking of the co-op on Empire...)
  • Maybe someday, people will stop acting on their means and preferences.

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