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Recommendation for movers only (no truck)

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I'm moving in mid-July, driving a rental truck across the country.  I'd like to hire movers to help me load the truck on moving day - anyone have recommendations and/or suggestions on where to look?


  • Try Flat Rate.  We used them for our two office moves and were very very happy with their services.  I think they do hire out just packers and/or movers.  
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    Yup, companies like Flat Rate often provide just packers and movers.

    If you want to save on expenses, you could go the day laborer route. Guys seeking this type of work hang out by the Uhaul rental place on 4th Avenue.

    You'd need to pick them up (via car or taxi), and then bring them to your building for the job.

    I believe the going rate is about $15 an hour. They may want a minimum number of hours before they take the job.

    You'd need to be comfortable negotiating said rates and supervising them.
  • Go with someone who works for a company. If one of the guys gets hurt workers comp could come into play and if you're not covered it can get quite expensive.
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    I needed movers for a similar situation and used they were great and pretty affordable!
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