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Anyone know why there is a helicopter hovering?


  • It's craziness. My toddler is being kept awake by all the helicopter action.
  • I hear you, the bloody thing is just hovering loudly overhead. There aren't any police cars. Maybe it's Jz and Bey wanting a our of Crown Heights.
  • My block is closed off - Montgomery Street. Word is it is shooting related.
  • About an hour ago, there were what sounded like 5 gunshots in rapid succession from the same direction (relative to Sterling and Franklin).

    Wouldn't be surprised if that was related somehow.
  • I hear you, the bloody thing is just hovering loudly overhead. There aren't any police cars..
    I saw some vehicles as I was coming up Bedford after I got off the Q train about 30 minutes ago.

    That helicopter is so loud I thought there were *two* of them.
  • Yea, I'm in plg and the helicopter sounds so loud. I thought something happened around here.
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    Yeah, back when I lived in Bed Stuy, the only time I'd see/hear helicopters was for something shooting related. They'd be hoving over several rooftops searching for suspects. So that's my guess. 
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    This guy filmed today's helicopter and police action near Crown and Rogers: 

    ...and various twitter accounts report gunshots in the vicinity. So, I think we can conclude someone fired a gun several times.

    However, it is unclear whether anyone was hit by said gunfire.
  • Apparently there was an individual in the basement of a building with a gun, not sure if he was brought in or not. I could see several cops on the roof from my place, along with the helicopter circling overhead. It was pretty wild.he
  • I wonder if MEC was briefly locked down as a precaution.

    I'd really like to believe they have some active shooter protocols in place.

  • I have searched everywhere and had not been able to find info about what happened yesterday. Even dnainfo skipped the incident.

    Video I took of the chopper from my backyard on New York avenue.
  • There a helicopter hovering this morning in the Medgar Evers/Ebbets Field area.
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