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Sad Times at the Ballgreen Complex (Lenox rd at Rogers) — Brooklynian

Sad Times at the Ballgreen Complex (Lenox rd at Rogers)

walked past the construction site of the "Ballgreen" on Lenox between Bedford and Rogers, an upcoming green color-blocked mess of a project, and was dismayed to see the main structural beams jut out at least 20 feet in front of the facade of every other building on the block.

Tried to capture it, but it was tricky:


i bet the people living in that little brownstone are bummed. 

also, note that the rendering craftily makes it look like the building was going to be contextually set back.

anyway, not that this should surprise any of us. i just find it very sad. it's a particularly lovely block, mostly because of the lawns and trees. it would hard to get a sense of how lovely the set-back quality of the street is if you've never actually walked down it in person.


  • building at full height


    unsurprisingly, the windows look nothing like those in the rendering (i failed to take a close-up picture but you can kind of see it). mostly i just wanted to show how terrible and sad that giant blank windowless wall will be when it's completed

    on the other side of the building, the scaffolding has succeeded in killing a tree in the neighboring property's front yard.