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473 Park Place to be embiggened.

The construction fence, with a rendering, went up today— 473 Park Place is to embiggened to 6 floors and a penthouse (hopefully a mechanical one, for an elevator, for the tenants' sake) from 4.


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  • A perfectly cromulant plan.
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    Strong potential for non-cromulence, actually— the rendering shows they're planning on removing the cornice (hopefully they'd sell it to one of the buildings on Washington missing the same, good joke LOL) and Brooklyn developers don't seem like they have a very good track record of matching bricks. Ah well.
  • Brooklyn buyers and renters don't seem to put a premium on bricks matching.


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    Here is a large bad photograph.

  • If we go merely by the entrance doors, the buildings on the left and right have already been flipped.


    Your purple photo shows that they are going to move the fire escapes to the front.    I'm not sure what the advantages of this are.     
  • Maybe they are adding terraces/balconies to the back of the apartments? In which case, the fire escapes would have to be moved to the front, if there were no additional methods of egress.
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    My thought is that [in addition to the aforementioned embiggening] they may be making what was an 8 unit building into a 16 unit building.

    As a result, they would keep the existing fire escapes on the back, and be required to add more escapes on the front.
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    The set of buildings is currently long, narrow apartments, each with a bay window in front— perhaps they intend to convert the building to front/back apartments instead of left/right apartments, and thus need a fire escape in front and back so each apartment has 2 means of egress.

    This is also suggested by the elevation showing the center windows being moved to floor level, instead of mid-floor, for the current center stair at door level.

    I have seen such conversions in a similarly-designed tenement near Barclay's Center, though without the same embiggening.

    I wonder how the building was 'flipped'— it recently appear occupied until a vacate order was posted last winter, which was awful sketchy.
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    Here's details on how they annoyed the DOB: http://a810-bisweb.nyc.gov/bisweb/ECBQueryByLocationServlet?requestid=5&allbin=3028984

    Some additional digging has allowed me to to determine that the present 8 unit building will become 17 units once it is embiggened.


    17 does not divide evenly by 6 floors.

    So, beyond predicting that the top floor will be only one unit, I resign to not being able to know.
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