We are relocating and our AMAZING nanny is available - a KEEPER! — Brooklynian

We are relocating and our AMAZING nanny is available - a KEEPER!

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Ms. Cindy McDaniel has worked for us as a live-out nanny at our home for the past three years caring for our three children now ages 3, 8 and 11. Based on our wonderful experience we unequivocally and without any reservation recommend her for the position of nanny.

Cindy is an exceptional nanny. She is responsible, trustworthy, kind and caring. 
She cared for our children with great love and devotion to the extent that, to our delight, our children became enormously attached to her having earned both their love and respect. 
Cindy joined us shortly after the birth of our youngest daughter Dana. She lovingly cared for her on a daily basis from the morning hours until the late afternoon when we returned from work. We fully trusted her with the care of our newborn baby and the close relationship she has developed with Dana is a testament to her gentle and devoted nature. 
As Dana entered day care at age two Cindy’s role transitioned to picking up Dana and our older children from day care/school and caring for them until the early evening hours. She also cared for them during school holidays and sick days. 
We have always felt secure knowing Cindy is with our children. Her calm and loving personality radiates to all around her. Cindy also has a remarkable ability to connect to children of all ages and has forged strong and independent relationships with each of our children.

We view Cindy as part of our family. She has certainly been that for the past three years. Our relocation out of the Tri-State area is the sole reason we are compelled to part ways with Cindy at this time.

We feel blessed to have had her with us for this time period and are certain that any family that employs her as nanny will feel the same. We will gladly provide additional information as needed.


Karen and Roy Nachimzon 
(201) 414-7522 

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