Something is happening at the big lot on Rogers, corner of Sterling. — Brooklynian

Something is happening at the big lot on Rogers, corner of Sterling.

In 2012, Brownstoner wrote:
"For a while it was a yeshiva, and now is rented to a Christian based elementary school. Inexplicably, the lot was never totally cleared. For the last thirty-some years, the crumbling ruins of the mansion and the other wings have been left right next door to the school, and a connecting wing, with glass blocks, now connects to nothing. The wing originally behind the mansion is now gone, it too is rubble. It makes no sense, and mars the progress of a growing and improving neighborhood. Let’s get it together, people."

Fast forward to 2015:
Unlike prior summers, the lawn is unkept. Last night around 9 PM, some of the windows were open despite having no screens or lights on inside. The front door also appeared ajar.

From this, Ms Whynot and I have concluded that the Carmel Christian School will not be opening here again in the fall.

Something large is about to happen with this site.

116 Rogers
118 Rogers
120 Rogers
122 Rogers
124 Rogers
126 Rogers

770 Sterling
Crown Heights
Photos from above Brownstoner link.

Google photo of it, back when was a functioning school:

Here is a view of the lot from Sterling, back when they used to mow the grass.   The grass is now overgrown


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    In a few weeks, this lot will likely be inducted into the Big 16 developments I watch.

    Inductions are sacred and secret ceremonies.
  • There used to be a lovely red brick warehouse/fire station on the Sterling side about 10 years ago. I hoped they would develop it but knocked it down for no reason.
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    Yes, I remember it. I don't find it odd that they knocked it down, but I find it odd that they didn't finish the job.

    I wonder if they ran out of money and/or the contractor walked off the job.

    Ms Whynot and I speculate that the remaining school building will be demolished, unless the new structure that replaces it would have to comply with a lower FAR.

    Last night, the building appeared unsecure to the point where it would not surprise me if unauthorized people were now using it.

    Pre-demolition, demolition?

  • For the love of God, I hope so. This is an eyesore of a lot. The sidewalks are never shoveled in the winter, which makes it difficult and unsafe to take this direct route to Franklin Ave and my kid's preschool. The school has been closed for at least a year or two (I tried calling them last year to ask about the snow shoveling and no one picked up). I hope someone or a developer has bought this lot for a new building. 
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    After I posted this last week, I let Cate at Brownstoner know. She is sometimes able to get info before it is public, and might be able to help us out.

    YIMBY makes its living by largely building off the public info on the DOB site, so I can do everythng they can:
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    To wit :)

    In 2011, there appears to have been court action between the co-owners of the property. At the time, it was said to be at risk of foreclosure and there had been attempts to subdivide it among the various owners. Seems complicated:

    The DOB refers to this site as block-lot, 01246-0017

    The lot is in pretty big trouble with DOB. There are unpaid fines and a stop work order in place:

    At least $20k in fines are owed to DOB:

    All of which leads me to suspect this property is presently in some stage of the foreclosure process, or that the city will soon make moves to obtain it.

    Once the bank or the city has possession, it will likely do a far better job of securing it and then likely sell it to a developer pretty quickly.
  • Update:
    As expected, no classes are being held in this school this fall.

    I have been informed that squatters now access the building.

    If you are bored, see if you can get the city to speed their processes up by calling 311.

    You can always give yourself credit for causing something to happen that was going to happen anyway.
  • Squatters. Awesome. However, if they are responsible for mowing the lot, I could start to like them. 

    Or, maybe Roger That Community Garden could just take over that lot. Could be amazing, a garden with a ruin behind it.
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    I think a savvy real estate firm will get a hold of this site before the grass begins to grow again in the Spring.    Between now and then, we might be able to get DOB/HPD to secure it.

    It seems to be zoned R6A, but is presently off the tax roles as a special use (school - Yeshiva).

    The lot is pretty large, and the building could be as high as 70'.

    As a result of the outstanding fees and fines, I wonder if the city could grab this site, and then use build a school or something.      I'm not sure our local politicians have the pull that would be needed.

    Screen shot 2015-10-13 at 9.31.32 PM
  • Update: The lot and building have now been secured.

  • In a solemn and secret ceremony, Ms Whynot and I inducted this site onto the list of the Big 16 Developments in western Crown Heights.

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    As we wait to see what happens, it continues to remain on the updated version of the list of developments I closely watch:
  • Site is now secured, but remains dormant.

  • This was once the site of the Swedish Hospital. Suzanne Spellen of Brownstoner did a report on it back in 2011:
  • I have a special loathing in my heart for whoever owns this property. I hate how the weeds grow. I hate how they don't shovel the snow. If a developer ever gets hands on this site, I will celebrate.
  • The site may be briefly owned by the city before a developer gets it.
  • "Briefly" being the operative word.
  • Why would the City own this?  The City has ceased taking property directly since Giuliani was mayor.  Since the 90's, the City sells tax liens to a wealthy investor, typically The Bank of New York Mellon, who pays the City the face value of the lien in return for the right to collect the delinquent taxes plus interest and fines.  Some properties are pulled out of the tax lien sale if they are determined to be "distressed".  Typically these are buildings where the number of violations or the cost of repair make it worthless on the open market.  Such buildings are run through the "Third Party Transfer" program.  Buildings that have gone through this program include 96 Brooklyn Avenue at Dean Street, the John and Elisabeth Truslow House.  Under this program, title for this property  was passed in 2003 to an entity called "Neighborhood Restore Housing Development Fund", which is controlled by two non-profit developers, LISC and the Enterprise Foundation.  Ten years later, the property was sold to a private developer, NIA HDFC, which is controlled by a private for profit developer based in Long Island.  There was a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy issued in April of this year. So this beautiful building sat empty for at least 13 years while going through the Third Party Transfer program.  
    I highly doubt 116 Rogers will go through this process, as, despite it's dilapidated condition, the land is still worth a great deal.  The City still has the power to take the property directly through the "In REM" process that was used until the 1990's.  If it does this, then the City could develop the property as affordable housing.  Why our brilliant progressive mayor hasn't figured this out speaks to how much his agenda is controlled by the wealthy developers who funded his campaign (in my opinion of course) ! 
  • Is that a hint of envy and jealousy I sense?
  • Envious of what? Jealous of whom?
  • speaking of 96 Brooklyn Ave, have people moved into the building yet?
  • Yes, thankfully, there are last people in the building.  I was told some at least are the tenants who left the building years ago.
  • Yay! The developer did a beautiful job on that building. I'm going to try to walk by it to see how it turned out in the end. I hope some sod and landscaping made its way in.
  • I would be jealous and envious of the developer who gets to flip the building, because they stand to make a lot of money.

    I would be jealous of DeBlasio, because I would love to believe I was brilliant and progressive, despite others believing I am clueless and way over my head.
  • Nov 16:   This site continues to be dormant.
  • April 2017: dormant. Secured.

    Totally ripe for a developer with capital and the skill set to resolve the present legal issues.

    Tick, tick, tick
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    Someone mowed the overgrown lawn. HPD, was this you? IMG_5303
  • I didn't see any signs of squatters this evening, which sort of surprised me.
  • It may be too rough even for squatters at this point.
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