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490 lefferts Ave rendering — Brooklynian

490 lefferts Ave rendering

They say it's in East Flatbush, this is in the northern end of east Flatbush, apx 6 blocks from Prospect park. The location is interesting because it's further east than developments have traditionally gone. Look out 2/5 lines you're about to get jam packed.

The rendering is nice enough, but I would want to see more windows, the window to brick ratio seems to favor the mason over the glazier. It reminds me of the newly built condos in Dumbo on Plymouth and Jay heading east, they bore a resemblance to Russian Gulags (giant iron garage door that rolled to the side, cement facade, narrow windows). 

I'm going to guess since it will only be composed of 2br and 1br, it will probably be nice rentals. 


  • Whoops I just noticed the composition is:
    1 - 3br
    6 - 1br
    31 - 2br

    So the super probably gets the 3br. The 1br's are near the elevator, and all the 2br's will be rented out to people frustrated at how expensive crown heights is getting. 
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    mini version of aforementioned rendering:

  • personally i'm into the look of the windows--because they seem really tall. it reminds me of the way windows are in pre-war buildings. tall, to allow as much light as possible, but still allowing for a decent amount of wall space. i couldn't live in a modern building with floor-to-ceiling windows; that would drive me insane. but, yeah, the rest if the facade could be nicer--the side of the building does seem strangely windowless
  • I looked at the rendering again with your perspective. I'm not sold that the windows are big enough or something, the glass to brick ratio seems to have a lot of brick. The idea that they might let in the same amount of light as pre war building would be about right. After having lived in some floor to ceiling window apartments, I find myself veering away from them. 

    It could be cool if they did some old school brick work like what you see on the older brick buildings on flatbush ave. I don't know if you've ever noticed, but they'll create patterns into the brickwork that's a neat detail.
  • yeah! i mean how hard would it be to do SOMETHING with the brick? even make it change direction around the windows or something. anything. instead it's just super uniform.