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Bushwick: One bar closes, another opens (north/west side)

Tandem has been a local favorite for a while.  How they got away with being in the middle of a residential area - and by that I mean in the middle of a block amongst houses - is a bit of a mystery.  But onwards and upwards:  it's closing next Sunday.   Looks like it's closing due to personal reasons / lifestyle changes of the owner.  5 years, and then death for a bar - I can't tell if that's old or young for the neighborhood, but I lean towards old.

On the flipside, a new bar has opened on Myrtle between Willoughby and Bushwick Ave, across from hipster-distilled coffeeshop Little Skips.    Birdys promises to be something like a dive you'd find on the side of a highway in the American southwest.  And I'm happy to check that out some time.

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