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Crown Heights: Past, Present, & Future

Wanted to let you all in on an event my organization, Think Olio, is planning. We want to start conversations about the neighborhood and provide an opportunity to learn more about its history. We'd love to have any of you involved and we are looking for recommendations about the right people to speak at the event. We are especially interested in finding the right people to speak about the history of the neighborhood! We are planning on this being a free event and excited to get people there who care about Crown Heights.

Crown Heights: Past, Present, & Future

-Past (lecture): a lesson with a crown heights historian on the history of the neighborhood
-Present (discussion): a conversation with a local journalist, longtime business-owner, and recent entrepreneur
-Future (Q/A): a brainstorming session, what do you want to see in the neighborhood. re: small steps we can take in the right direction. ie: hiring from within the neighborhood, patronizing longtime businesses, etc. Led by local politician, community board, etc.

Would love to hear thoughts! Who are the right people to involve?
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