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Volunteer: Inspire Crown Heights Kids to Love Reading

Behind the Book is a non-profit children's literacy organization that inspires New York City public school students to love reading. We bring accomplished authors into K-12 classrooms in high-need communities, where they guide students in creating their own writing and art projects based on the theme of the author's book. Our programs, which are part of the class curricula and meet Common Core Learning Standards, have a successful record of improving literacy skills and creating engaged readers at schools around the city.

You need no experience or training to volunteer as a writing or research coach, art assistant, or in other active roles to engage and encourage K-12 students as they work. Classroom sessions run less than 2 hours on a school day. Creativity and fun are part of every session!

To volunteer for this session at an elementary school in Crown Heights, or for more information, please reply to volunteer@behindthebook.org:  

Program 241SA216  

Author/Book The Case for Loving by Selina Alko
Volunteer Role: Writing Coach
Date/Time: Friday, February 12th • 9:00 - 10:30 AM

After reading this story about the historic Supreme Court case over the legality of interracial marriage, these fifth-graders studied other U.S. laws that protect human rights. The students are writing about how well those laws address a human right, what change has been realized, and improvements they'd make. Coaches at this session will help them edit a draft of their work.

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