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Pre-Natal Yoga, Sunrise Meditation & Yoga Retreat, Growing up in Brooklyn Readings at YogaSole

YogaSole Costa Rica Retreat

Dear Neighbors,

We have a lot of lovely happenings here at YogaSole. We certainly hope you can come to some of them.

Do you know anyone who is pregnant? We have the perfect series:

Pre-Natal Series 

8 Weeks (Flexible Options)

Led by Parker & Georgia

Saturdays, February 13th-April 2nd

Click Here for More Info

If you want a RETREAT in your very own back yard, come to our sunrise series, 8 mornings of silent meditation and practice to refresh and renew your life:

Sunrise Series 

Meditation & Early Flow

Led by Genno & Evalena

February 20th-27th

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Who doesn't want to give some love to their shoulders and neck?! Come join our fabulous new teacher Lauran as she kicks off her BE FREE series:

Well-Being Series 


Led by Lauran

Feb. 21st- Shoulders & Neck

For More Info Click Here

As a native Brooklynite myself, I personally can not wait to hear the stories of Cathy and Daryl as they exchange memories of growing up in Brooklyn:

Community Event 

My Brooklyn, Your Brooklyn 

& Selected Readings

by Darryl Alladice & Catherine Gigante-Brown

Saturday, February 27th

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Rainforests, Beach, Yoga. Need I say more? We have THREE spots left!!! We are especially looking for someone who might want to go, but is flying solo. We have a roomie ready for you!!! Come to Costa Rica with us:

Costa Rica 'Adventure' 2016 

Yoga & Nature Retreat

with Ariel & Evalena

March 12th- 19th, 2016

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Looking ahead to Spring! Shed the Winter with the Magical Vibrations of Sound:

Spring Celebration  

Gong Bath & YogaNidra

Led by Oliana

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

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254 Windsor Place (on the corner of 11th Ave)

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