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2417 Albermarle, Hello Living condos in Flatbush

Hello Living is wrapping up their condos at 651 New York Ave, on the edge of PLG, across from Kings County Hospital, which are now for sale. 

They've started a new project at 2417 Albermarle. This 12 story, 43 unit building would be one of the only condo buildings in this area, near Kings Theater and Sears. There are many other developers doing rental buildings here. Condos are an indicator of a strong market. I suppose they won't have much competition for a while.

Although this would be one of the tallest buildings in the area, there are actually a few buildings around 8-10 stories that were recently built and have supportive housing. 

It's not clear if they are going forward with the planned 23 story building at 1580 Nostrand, which was reported to be a mix of condos and rentals. 


  • pretty nuts! we went for a walk around there a couple of weeks ago. lott street is really cute and charming; pretty much perpendicular to this development. it's gonna really stick out. but i do agree hello living is doing the smart thing (for them) since there is virtually no competition. the only other projects in the work in this area are 99% sure to be rentals.

    i also walked by their completed building on New York ave and Hawthorne, "hello new york." it looks impractical energy wise (those glass walls that open up to the balcony seem like...they'd maybe lose a lot of heart?) but to be fair it is visually an improvement to the intersection, which has a defunct garage on the SW, and husk of an abandoned brick building on the SE. 
  • Glass walls are ok for heat loss if they build and design them correctly. Certainly there are no shortage of glass walled buildings in NYC!
    I like the design of the NY Ave building. Hello Living actually hires architects who have a modicum of design sense, unlike many of the new construction buildings. 
    Whether or not they are built well, we shall have to see. 
  • yeah, but they're meant to be able to open up entirely to the balconies: http://streeteasy.com/building/651-new-york-avenue-brooklyn/504 (3rd photo) i guess they must have some pretty good seals/locks

    but yeah i agree; there's some thought put into making them more than just giant featureless cubes
  • Wow 3000/mo for a 2br is a lot to ask for. Who are they (trying) marketing to?
  • people who work in the financial district but moved to new york like 2 weeks ago maybe? i can't really say there's much out there, as much as i love the area (except for kings county nursery, my favorite place to get plants). it would be one thing to buy a condo in the building and live there, but as we already know these hello living places are designed for wealthy investors who will probably pick up a few here and there, and not really for the end users. 
  • It seems all of the Hello Living buildings offer parking to their residents, which new residents to the city are willing to pay a premium for.  
  • There's plenty out there. Only one block from Nostrand, with Starliner, the two dessert places, the wine shop, Allan's Bakery, plus more stuff on its way. 
    Brookland capital is building 500 units at Clarkson and Nostrand, so there is going to be a huge bump up in services catering to the new residents when those are done as well.
    3000 is a lot. Most floorthroughs around here are probably more like 2000-2500 but this has parking, it's brand new, fancy appliances, and a balcony. I personally wouldn't pay more for any of those things but some people do.
  • yeah i guess you're right. i just walk up new york ave to the nursery like every other week in the summer and it's a bit of a bummer walk sometimes. mostly hospital/suny buildings, that giant sanitation warehouse, and that one shell of a burned out building. on the plus side a mere block away on nostrand things get a lot more interesting and there's train access. and i've always felt like wingate park is underrated in some ways. i'd much rather live closer to prospect park of course, but wingate park has a running track i'd be using if i lived closer to it
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