What do you think of the proposed 73-story tower going up in Downtown Brooklyn? - Brooklynian

What do you think of the proposed 73-story tower going up in Downtown Brooklyn?


Supertall Brooklyn building proposal finds fury among area’s residents

A proposed 1,066-foot-tall skyscraper in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn has fury soaring among residents and community groups over concerns the neighborhood will be vertically engulfed by “supertalls.” JDS Development Group and the Chetrit Group revealed their plans this week for the 73-story residential building at 9 DeKalb Ave., which would be the tallest structure in the borough and sit right next to the iconic Junior’s restaurant. The design didn’t sit well with some Brooklynites, who said the building’s towering stature will destroy the neighborhood’s character. “This is becoming more and more like skyscraper Manhattan-type of living,” said Kenneth Peterkin, 52, of Bed-Stuy. “Instead of office buildings, they’re building these high rise apartments and how many of us can really, honestly, get into them?”

Mario Messina, an over-development watchdog, said the tower is a strong indication that the “supertall” trend hitting in parts of Manhattan has crossed the East River. “These tall buildings turn the neighborhood into high rise wastelands,” he said. “When the developers see that they don’t have any more room to butcher Manhattan, they will go elsewhere.” JDS and Chetrit can build the tower as of right, due to zoning changes for Downtown Brooklyn that were enacted in 2004. However, they need to get approval from the city’s Landmark Preservation Commission to remove part of the Brooklyn Dime Savings Bank building, which is on the same block. A LPC spokeswoman declined to comment ahead of the agency’s hearing about the plan on March 15.



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