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Hamantash Social


What is a Hamantash Social?
Is it some sort of outgoing cookie? Or a name of a crumby party? :)

Well... not exactly.

We love getting Jews together, and especially during the Hakhel* year, so we are throwing a not-to-be-missed party together with a few communities in the neighborhood.

We know that everyone loves the great Purim cookies, and everyone enjoys hanging out with their friends - and making new ones. So we decided to mix them both, and the result is... The Hamantash Social

There will be delicious food, great wine and amazing people. And of course, Hamantash making!

Yes, you heard right, Hamantash making. You will get to make your very own delicious Purim treats with your choice of fillings.

Scroll down for the full flyer.

For all the info and to register online (its cheaper for you that way!) click here.
And if you are a Facebook kind of person, check out our event.

*In Temple times the Jews would gather every 7 years from around the world at the Temple in Jerusalem. This mega-gathering was called Hakhel. Although we don't practice this anymore today, we commemorate it during the Hakhel year by getting together at Jewish parties and events.

Hamantash Social
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