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Kids ages 6-11 - Try a free Capoeira class on any Saturday

We're offering a free trial class to kids ages 6yrs - 11yrs. No pre-registration required.

Every Saturday 10am-11am @ Brooklyn Frontiers, 112 Schermerhorn St (between Smith & Boerum Pl), downtown BK

Capoeira is an excellent activity for children of all ages. It is an exciting and engaging activity, as it uniquely integrates martial arts, self defense, music, dance, and acrobatics. The benefits of training capoeira as a child are numerous. Below are some important benefits that children experience through capoeira.

· increased coordination and body awareness
· flexibility and muscle development
· internalization of the importance of healthy habits and attitudes
· increased confidence
· experience learning an additional language (Portuguese)
· training playing musical instruments
· learning the skills of cooperation and leadership
· development of discipline and respect
· self-defense skills
· an outlet for self-expression through a truly unique art

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