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I need your help to fight against the evil grovernment.

I get a few of these tickets a year.

Basically some jerk in the sanitation department gives me a ticket for not cleaning 18" to the street. Not my side walk but the street. Does anyone know what the cleaning regulations are for street cleaning? I can't clean the street. There are cars there and when there isn't cars there, there is busy traffic. My place is next to two high ways and a tunnel.

I'll write what he wrote.

I violated section 16-118(2)(9) failure to clean 18" into the street.

Fighting them is tiresome. I win some and lose some, I win if I go to the Manhattan court one. If i go to the borough ones. I always lose. Besides fighting these tickets is there a better way to get these jerks to stop giving me ticket which is ridiculous to clean the streets that they have sweeping days for and trash that literally rolls by like tumble weed.

Any help would be appircated and if there is a website for their codes of cleaning even better!


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