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Next stop Crown Heights? will comuters switch from L to A train.


  • Only if you consider Willamsburg hipsters to be arbiters of culture...
  • One would also have to have a definition of Crown Heights that includes the area between Atlantic and Fulton.   

    I'm not ready for either.
  • I do think that many people who may have wanted to live in Williamsburg and have not yet moved to NYC will flock to Crown Heights because of their fear of L train disruption.
  • the DNA piece has a list of commments that are a riot of panic about L train changes. CH is one of the first options, ha!  Danger, Danger, HIPSTERS ON THE MOVE.
  • No love for the people of Canarsie where the L train starts? Those people are going to be affected more than those in Crown Heights as they'd have to take the Remsen Ave. bus to Utica for the 2/5. There's no line within walking distance making this a two fare zone although when I owned a house on East 83rd and Farragut back in the 80s I had no problem walking home from the Flatbush Ave. station.
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    I doubt those folks who live way out in Canarsie could afford to move to Crown Heights.  

    ...however, I think they would make less annoying neighbors than the new Williamsburg-Bushwick crowd.
  • GOT TO CHALLENGE THE BAR APPLICATIONS pending - more bars=more Bushwich fools.  oy
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    I think there will be a lot of displacement of people that work in Manhattan. 

    But I also think this might encourage more Manhattan offices to relocate to Brooklyn. This has already been a trend and there's a lot of new Brooklyn office space in pipeline. Some of it would probably be coming on to the market right about the time the L tunnel shuts down. 

    As time goes on I really feel like Brooklyn will become less Manhattan-centric. 
  • @Whynot---since most of Canarsie is residential and that makes roughly 50% of the people homeowners as they're mostly two family houses I think they could afford to live in Crown Heights but they chose to live in a more residential area. In any event, if they can't afford to live in Crown Heights they certainly shouldn't be in a two fare zone.
  • We should also think about the folks who live in the projects around Glenwood and 108th.,-73.8946928,1141m/data=!3m1!1e3

    If their world is presently "larger" than their immediate neighborhood as a result of the L train, it is about to get smaller...
  • And, what about the B-42 bus that runs from the Belt to the L train station at Rockaway Pkwy. It's a free shuttle and there won't be much of a need for it if there's no train to board.
  • Hang on, the L train will still run between Canarsie - Rockaway Parkway and Bedford Ave.  It just won't run through the tunnel or in Manhattan at all.  This would happen in 2019, at the soonest, if plans move ahead as currently envisioned.  
  • I guess then people would transfer at Broadway Junction for the other lines.
  • That asks people to go pretty far east in order to go west.
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    no, it just means that people who currently live off the L beyond Bway Junction will simply switch to the A or the JZ trains at Bway Junction to get into the city. it's actually all the people who live in east williamsburg and bushwick in areas too far from the JMZ trains that will be screwed.
  • i was thinking that most of all this will affect people who might have lived along the L line, not the ones who are already there. young art students and the like. when i went to art school off 14th street, everyone i knew would find cheap apartments off the Graham stop, up to around the Morgan/Montrose stops. I imagine kids today at the same school tend to move out past myrtle wyckoff; Halsey, Wilson, and Ridgewood. The kids who will attend art school in 2019 will probably no longer look to pioneer anywhere along the L train... and i imagine the JMZ will look a bit less appealing due to the crowds.

    but who knows? maybe the JMZ will be where the real growth will go.
  • I'm gonna go conspiracy theorist route and say it was all planned to force the Williamsburg overcrowding/gentrification to other areas of Brooklyn. You should take that with a grain of salt, but...
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