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3421 Snyder Ave (corner of E 35th), massive 100x100 lot, sells — Brooklynian

3421 Snyder Ave (corner of E 35th), massive 100x100 lot, sells

The sale recorded a few weeks ago, having sold to Hart Dekalb LLC for $1.3 million. A steal considering the massive size of the lot--100x100, abbutting a prewar apt building on an identically sized lot. 


I always liked this house because it's got a super classic haunted house vibe. But i figured given the huge size of the lawn it was only a matter of time:


interestingly enough, part of the sale included a 20x100 lot to the north of it which looks like part of the BBL of the house, but actually is distinct. So really, they got a 100'x120' lot! I imagine the zoning is permissive.


  • I like how the satellite antenna is perfectly centered. Yes, that was a steal for $1.3M.

    After a $200k (?) demolition, they will have a clean lot.
  • Huh. It's only zoned for R5. FAR of 1.25, so that would be about 15,000 sq ft and 20 units. Maybe 8 floors? Nowhere near as massive as if it was r6 or r7 like much of Flatbush to the west of here!

  • Oh actually R5 has a height restriction too, only 40 feet. 4 stories. 
  • So, space for parking and little yards.
      ....people pay good money for such things.
  • Or...five 3 family attached houses could be built on that lot and the developer would probably make more money and be done with it.
  • Yup, I'm thinking row houses.    That is how they coped with similar restrictions at this site on Underhill and Pacific:

  • How closely do they actually follow the height restriction? I feel like I've seen a lot of buildings in R5 areas that clearly flaunt that rule. 

    And fwiw I've seen that antennae in action before; they work really well to beam messages to zoltron.
  • according to my partner who went for a run sans phone this morning, the house is completely gone! not sure when that happened exactly.
  • Zoltron works quickly and quietly.
  • Hmmm, I was by there around Aug 4 so must have been after that. Didn't even see a green shed yet.