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  • The second Trader Joe's is opening on Flatbush, I think before the end of the year. Once that happens I'd expect them to start looking for additional locations in Brooklyn in under-served areas that contain their market demographic. Ft Greene/ Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy, Williamsburg and CH/PLG all seem to fit the bill.
  • 1519 Bedford (@ Eastern Parkway) would have been perfect for a TJ's. I wonder if there was any sort of bidding war before Union Market snatched it?
  • Once Empire between Rogers and Flatbush is rezoned to allow residential and greater density, I'd put a Trader Joes on the ground floor of an apartment building that I would build on the Western Beef site.

    Alternatively, I'd consider the ground floor of the existing Bond Bakery building on Flatbush and Empire.

  • The spaces I just mentioned are likely beyond the means of the Park Slope Coop, which is reportedly considering opening a second location.


  • That's interesting @whynot_31!  I wonder why wouldn't they just fold into the one that's just starting in PLG on Empire?  There's already a partnership there I believe.

    I guess we'll have to wait for the committee's to "study" all potential scenarios
  • The checkout girl at Key foods on Washington in PH this past weekend said that Trader Joe's is being put in at the construction site directly across the street.  Has anyone else heard that?
  • That rumor has been investigated a few times.

    However, all indications are that the site if the former bank will become a 13 story condo building.
  • whynot_31 said:
    That rumor has been investigated a few times. However, all indications are that the site if the former bank will become a 13 story condo building.
    It could be both. Trader Joe's recently opened a location in the bottom of a condo on 31st St. in Manhattan. This could be part of a new push for more, smaller locations.
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    A few days ago I stumbled across a blog post which was written in the style of an academic article: The Appeal of Trader Joe’s to All Consumers through Authenticity and Cheapness The article posits that this is the likely profile of an ideal Trader Joe's customer:

    "Put another way, the ideal Trader Joe’s customer is an HCC [high cultural capital] consumer who is educated, worldly and has a sophisticated taste but does not have a substantial amount of wealth. This consumer regularly shops for groceries and likes buying specialty items (which includes unique, hard to find, imported, local, organic, non-GMO, seasonal, health, gourmet, fair trade, and ethnic items) at a value price."

    Does this area have enough potential customers with high cultural capital to support such a store? I believe that (distant cousin) Aldi's would realistically be a better fit. As far as the quality of goods are concerned, there isn't much difference

    On anther note, I have been to the new Kip's Bay/Murray Hill location on 31st and 3rd. (I work nearby.) It took over an existing supermarket space (the previous supermarket had moved out). The entire thing is underground, and so far it hasn't been too crowded when I went in the middle of the day, unlike the locations on 14th Street and on 6th Avenue. 
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