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Sunday Night Concert

Did anyone else hear a very loud outdoor concert on Sunday, June 19? It went until well past midnight. I was chatting to two police officers who happened to be on my street and they said it is "every weekend" and "they can't do anything because they have a permit." I have a call into CB9 to get more information but it didn't sound like they would be very helpful. They asked where the concert was and I said I couldn't pinpoint the exact location. I said "how many outdoor concerts could have been permitted for last night? It should be fairly easy to nail down." Regardless, does anyone know how it could be possible for a permit to allow an outdoor concert past 12 on a Sunday night?


  • Where could you hear it from?
  • Nostrand and Crown
  • I could hear it all the way from Nostrand and Lefferts Ave  to Bedford and Lefferts Ave
  • What kind of music was it? I know there used to be a popular elecro club space on Rogers Ave a while back. Not sure if they still have events. Is it actually happening "every weekend", like the cops said?

    But you said it was a concert, so I assume it sounded like live music? What kind?
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    So I got more info from the actually very helpful CB9 people. There was a "Haitian celebration" that happens every year. It was Sunday night. It was at "a park." The person at CB9 did not have info on which park. She said she spoke to Officer Martinos at 71st pct community affairs. She said that Martinos told her the permit was for until 11:15pm and that's when they finished. Clearly, this is not the case. We heard this well past 12:30 when finally earplugs and an air conditioner reduced the sound enough to sleep somewhat. Other neighbors said they "didn't sleep all night" though I don't know exactly what that means. I will try to get in touch with Officer Martinos, who unfortunately does not often answer the phone. This should not be allowed to happen again. The officers I spoke to on the street (after 11:30pm) said "they have a permit." We really need to demand that our local precinct take action to assure that stop times are not merely a suggestion but are enforced. 


    Update: Spoke to a CA officer at 71st precinct. The concert was in Wingate par. He insisted it ended by11:30pm (it didn't). Said the reason is that technical difficulties caused 1 act to go on late and they had 2000 people and didn't want a situation where they didn't let an act go on (implying there could have been a crowd control issue) so safety trumped community quality of life. He said they will work to help make sure it ends on time next year. He also said the volume was "way too loud." 
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