Is Prospect Park getting trashed more than usual on weekends this summer? Anything we can do? - Brooklynian

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Is Prospect Park getting trashed more than usual on weekends this summer? Anything we can do?

7 year Windsor Terrace resident here, life-long Brooklynite. I walk my dog frequently in Prospect Park and have noticed that the number of barbecuing/partying is way WAY up this year and Parks Department are barely keeping up. Is this just my imagination? Is there a reason this happened, was grilling banned in other parts of the park or something? 

All of sudden there are massive parties of people down on the Park Circle end like never before (by TD bank, PPSW and Coney Island Ave/Ocean Parkway), coming in with SUVs of food and people at the crack of dawn and staying until 1am. This would all be fine except they are utterly trashing the park! I've seen people drop their trash and coals wherever they want even when a trash can is two feet away. Barbecuing right by signs that say "no grilling in this area" etc.   Human waste/toilet paper is all over park because those two portopotties cannot keep up with the need.  

I'm all for families enjoying the park, coming from all parts the city, no problem. I'm not under a delusion the park should be a quiet and clean place at all times but  I've never seen it this bad I've been cat-called like never before, had a cup of ice/beer thrown at my dog, seen fireworks being set off in the MIDDLE OF THE TRAFFIC circle, music amplification at all hours (without permits obviously) and I don't think the Parks Dept/Police are keeping up with enforcement whatsoever.  What is going on this year? I know I sound like a "get off my lawn" senior citizen but I'm a younger person and just horrified at what happened to the park this year. Anyone else? Anything we can do?
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