Now for lease: 678 Franklin Avenue, presently Bombay Masala — Brooklynian

Now for lease: 678 Franklin Avenue, presently Bombay Masala


I suspect they were dragged under in part by their failed Mexican bar - restaurant - hookah lounge, Vicentes


  • This is a serious loss for the neighborhood.  Best Indian I've had in Brooklyn.  
  • Maybe they lost business to Pearl Indian, which opened in 2014 just down the street. I used to order delivery from this place but switched over Pearl because it was better, cheaper, and faster. Maybe I'm not alone here. 
  • Maybe we can lure Bombay to Nostrand Ave. We need a great Indian place in our neck of the woods.
  • Chiming in that Bombay Masala has some of the best indian food in Brooklyn. Their Yelp speaks volumes. Uhhh business geniuses however, they are not
  • Absolutely right. Best Indian food Ive had in BK as well. Very upset to lose this place. And the gentlemen that work there are beyond super sweet and accommodating. 
  • Hmm, I personally prefer this joint to Pearl. A damn shame in my book. Such a nice place to dine in.
  • Dammit, seriously was objectively one of the better Indian joints not only Brooklyn but of the ones I tried in Manhattan as well.  Pearl is perfectly fine, just not a place I ever choose to dine in (those lights!)

    So now those 2 store fronts will be on market, let the speculation begin.  Wonder if they can be combined.  
  • Pearl was terrible (at least in 2014).  These guys, on the other hand, nailed some niche dishes but still handled the standard Punjabi fare well, for years.  And they were lovely folks-- genuinely sad to hear it's over.  I remember they had huge plans for the backyard bar next door :(....
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    Yeah, one of the owners was so excited about it all he took me around to see and explain the buildout of the yard and vicentes space.  

    I'm not a fan of every person starting some go-fund-me page, but these guys would get my sympathy.   He once told me how tough the restaurant business is (especially with multiple owners) and that they were "living hand to mouth".  Sad.
  • I agree @dac545 the BEST Indian restaurant since they opened about 10 years ago. Still serving the best and very fast delivery! I am ordering more now.  They helped jump start the Franklin Ave boom before anyone thought it was possible.
  • I think most entrepreneurs knew a different business mix was possible as soon as they saw the demographics moving into to the nearby former hospital, Brooklyn Jewish.

    800 apartments gradually came on line between 2006 and 2009.
  • Forget re-opening on Nostrand Ave --- for me, it would be great if they were here on Kingston Ave, especially if they were on one of the first few blocks north of EP. I love Indian food.
  • Somewhere out there, a group of Indian entrepreneurs is running a successful Mexican restaurant that is also a hookah lounge.

    It is a big world. 
  • For whatever reason, it might just be the dishes I eat, I always found Pearl's food to be too salty.  Most of the Indian food in the neighborhood seems fairly comparable though. I started ordering from India Place on Vanderbilt many years ago and stuck with it out of habit and not being overwhelmed by any of the alternatives when I tried them. Apparently they recently changed the name from India Place and Mumbai Place.  If you're looking for another nearby Indian place it's worth checking out.
  • @mcpoet Bombay is best
  • Damn, it seems there is just too much competition on Franklin. I think Bombay opened in 2007, so not a bad run.
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    I think I have had 4 jobs since 2007.

    ...none of them involved being part of a small team that runs a restaurant 7 days a week, for 12 hours a day.   

    11 AM - 11 PM. 
  • Walked by yesterday and the place is still open with delivery guys rushing about. Clearly, no takers on the property yet.
  • Furniture now reportedly on the curb.
  • That is very sad. I feel sorry for the gentlemen that worked there.
  • It is the last day of the month...
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