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How Do We Get Cumbo and Cornegy to Do Some Nostrand Ave Beautification?

I'd love to get Cumbo and Cornegy to donate some $$$ to beautifying Nostrand Ave, specifically between Atlantic and Eastern Parkway. I'm thinking tree pit guards, additional benches, more frequent cleanup crews, and tending to the litter problem. Maybe they can fund some muralists to make murals. Is there any interest in banding together to ask for some attention? Has anyone tried this in the past? care to share some ideas?


  • Hopefully they think that we can be trusted with nice things... 

    Also, there are already so many murals.  Oh?  You don't want Cyclops-style laser beams shooting out of peoples' eyes in the murals?  Out of luck then.. 
  • I think the Cyclopps-laser beam mural is running short on days. There are pretty big renos happening inside that building. 
  • Yes, the cyclops laser beam mural will likely be gone by 2018.

    If we'd like money from Cumbo, we should make sure the project includes a stage she can stand on whenever she likes.

    (A little mean, but very true)
  • I'm sure that if you pitch the same idea to Eric Adams, including a VERY big stage for him to stand on, that it will happen immediately. If Laurie tried to climb on that stage, Eric would send her flying.

    (A little mean, but very true)
  • Haha. I'll make sure my letter includes a soapbox spot for visting pols and honorables.
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    I'd phrase that as being the primary purpose, not a secondary benefit.
  • Those tree fences in front of MET food looked great till the delivery trucks backed into them.
  • I really liked those tree fences. 
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