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Burglary at Two Saints?

I saw this on my way to work this morning. It appears someone smashed through the side window at Two Saints. I didn't linger but I could see that more than a few liquor bottles were missing from behind the bar. The police were nearby and seemed to be talking to someone, although I don't think it was the owner. 

I always thought it was pretty brazen that this place had an unprotected glass storefront in NYC, let alone in this neighborhood. If it was a burglary, maybe they should think about investing in a roll-down gate...for every side.

This place was so rowdy yesterday evening when I walked by that I also could imagine this happening when the place was open. I guess we'll have to wait to find out. 



  • whoa. sucks to be them right now. yeah; idk why they wouldn't get one of those nice see-through gates at least.,,
  • It does seem odd that they don't have gates or at least security film on those windows.     Crimes of opportunity among people looking to get drunk are not rare...

  • Hi Neighbors: 

    To provide some clarity on this matter: Yes, Two Saints was burglarized in the early morning hours of Thursday, August 25th. The loss amounted to virtually nothing beyond the replacement of the glass pane, which was already slated for upgrading to a far stronger material like we have on the Nostrand Ave. side, and will be installed this afternoon. The burglars motive was not to steal bottles of alcohol. 

    When we took the space it featured dilapidated and hideous security gates that we removed as part of our initiative to beautify our corner of Nostrand Avenue. We feel very strongly about the neighborhood, and in an effort to support its continued growth and beautification we reworked our entire facade and elected to keep it free of awful looking security gates (see-through or not). While some may see this as ignorant, or looking for trouble, we see it as setting a precedent for other prospective business developers to follow that we hope will, in time, improve the look and safety of our neighborhood.

    The suggestion to use security film is appreciated but those products don’t really deter criminals from getting in, as the pane can easily be kicked in and off the frame (even with the film holding the shattered glass together), so as mentioned above we are upgrading to a stronger more resistant material.

    The assumption that this is something that could occur during business hours is a stretch…yes, we were very busy the night before this occurred, but that had absolutely nothing to do with this incident, and as far as bars in New York City go, we have one of the most easy-going and drama-free clientele one could ever hope for.

    We feel very fortunate to have received nothing but positivity and support from the community and our regulars as a result of this incident. 

    Hopefully this helps clarify, and thank you all for your support!

  • @twosaints, thank you so much for writing to us all. I first want to say how sorry I am that Two Saints was burglarized and vandalized. That sucks. I am glad that this incident has not changed your mind about your vision of a beautiful Nostrand/St John's corner, which is one of those most desperately (in my view) in need of beauty. And I am happy that Two Saints stays open late, on one of the remaining parts of Nostrand where it is important to have eyes on the street. I have appreciated the aesthetic changes you have made in putting the plate glass windows on the store, and every night when I walk by, I am happy to see a lot of people at the bar. 

    Keep up the good work! And thank you for not becoming cynical after this sad event.

    Since you are here, and a businessowner, I have one request. Plant more trees around the establishment! I know a lot of it is not under your control, but I love my trees and Nostrand needs more. 
  • Sorry that happened, James
  • Two Saints had plexiglass for a long time before upgrading to glass.    
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