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New Bagel Shop?

New Bagel Shop coming to 719 Washington Avenue - anyone have any more info? Permits up for electrical work.



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    In the former accountant location (green awning).

    Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 10.56.53 AM
  • Washington Commons would be a great space for this.  Kitchen in back, large seating area.  I'm still surprised they're in business.  Super nice owners, but...
  • Not sure why that would be a surprise. There are always people there, the backyard is great, decent happy hour, the beers are cold and the bartenders are friendly...
  • @zackola, total brainfart night last night in my various posts.  I was thinking Half Court next door.  

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    This place does not look like it will be large enough to make its own bagels, so I wonder which local place it will get its bagels from.
  • Fingers crossed for a Bagel Hole annex.
  • Bagel Hole annex would be good.  As long as they don't follow the Nagel's Bagels model:
    1. upcharge someone else's bagels
    2. act self-righteous and artisinal
    3. attack and call a boycott on any independent competitor labeling them a national chain.  
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