75 Utica (at Pacific) would like to become a cafe with beer and wine. — Brooklynian

75 Utica (at Pacific) would like to become a cafe with beer and wine.

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Entity would be known as Crown Pacific Café, and would serve food as well as Beer/Wine.

They plan to have a backyard.



  • are there currently any other bars on utica?
  • Happiness Lounge at 1458 St Johns is the only bar that looks closer to Utica than any other avenue.  
  • Is that place even open? I pass by at 5pm everynight and the gate is never up but O's Bar & Grill is now open on the corner of St. Johns and Utica though there's not a lot of seating there and it's still all high top tables. Maybe one day they'll get the hint and put in regular tables.
  • Yeah I wasn't familiar with it and there isn't much info online.  There haven't been any updates to their Facebook since last summer and no reviews since February of this year.  
  • This maybe the first bar on Utica that attempts to primarily make ends meet by selling craft beer for $7.
  • well, you can't assume it will be That kind of bar
  • didnt have time to go in but it's now open. image
    Looks like there's a garden in back
  • I stopped in this weekend.  The owners were friendly and the place feels clean and cozy. They are planning on opening at 6:30 AM on weekdays so commuters can stop by and pick up breakfast and coffee on their way to the A train or B46.  They didn't have a menu ready to take yet, but it seems like they are also planning on serving a full menu of dinner/lunch entrees to go or stay.
  • I don't think their beer and wine lic is in place yet.
  • Update:  They have begun the process.   They are seeking support from CB8 
  • Went in this morning for a croissant. The place is still being worked on, but open for business. Nice staff, good croissant. Would go back.
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