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Workers spotted inside 732 Classon, formerly Chavellas


It surprised me that they seemed to be doing improvements, whereas I would have thought this would be a prime tear down spot.


  • Unconfirmed rumor is that Covenhoven might be annexing the space.
  • That makes a lot of sense.  Covenhoven has made a pretty big name for themselves but with winter coming, they will be pretty limited in terms of space.  
  • That would be awesome!
  • Personal goal is to confirm rumor this week, while drinking beer.
  • If that were the case, I wouldn't be surprised if they were taking it over primarily for the kitchen. They've been excited about their limited food service until now, and Bill (co-owner) has expressed desire to expand their food capabilities. Would be a huge investment, but wouldn't be shocked to see them either expanding into being a restaurant/bar or doing something similar to Flatbush Farm and Bar(n) in Prospect Heights, with a smaller bar serving bar food and drinks and a larger restaurant space with a full menu. Would also help them avoid having to deal with changing the licensing for either of the two spaces, though I don't know much about that stuff.

    But total speculation here. 
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    Spoke with workers tonight.   They stated it will be not be affiliated with Covenhoven, but will be a restaurant.

    A small commercial kitchen is now visible.   The equipment appears all new, as if Chavella's left nothing behind when they left a few years ago.

    The worker says he expects to be done in about two weeks, but does not know what kind of food it will serve.   Note, after the workers finish, this site will have to go through an initial DOH kitchen inspection because it appears to be a "new kitchen".

    Stay tuned.
  • It'll be Mexican, I believe. Not sure what style though.
  • The space is small, so they might not attempt to provide table service.
  • Sign up! Sounds like a Mexican diner.

  • Yum! I'd love a place to get some nice, simple sopas and tortas (and pancakes for a toddler)
  • I walked by a couple days ago and there was a Grand Opening banner hanging out front. They were working inside and from the little peak I saw it didn't look open or like it was quite ready to open, but it seems likely to happen very soon if it hasn't already.
  • Yup, now open

  • From last Monday...IMG_2088
  • Ms Whynot and I tried this place today.

    It is refreshingly unpretentious and we expect it to be a good place to watch Telemundo.
  • Looks great but dude stop with the Mexican in this neighborhood.
  • Wondering what's in the egg rolls...
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